Todd’s Kitchen Cupboard

Viewer Project - By Todd Metcalf from Forest Dale, VT
Added on June 18, 2012

This was my first piece of furniture! My wife requested it since our kitchen space is limited. Luckily she was patient because it took over a year to complete. The wood is cherry that grew at my parent’s house. Poplar was used as a secondary wood.

I took aspects from many magazine articles for the design. However, I learned a lot about designing not just for appearance, but also for ease of construction/joint fitting/glue up. The joinery is mainly tenon and mortise. The drawers are hand cut half dovetails.

The Finish process was a little involved. I mixed hand planing, card scraping and sandpaper (220 grit). I wanted to minimize blotching so I started with a shellac wash coat and sanded that with 320 grit, then a thin coat of BLO. However, I wanted the piece to match a mirror I had already made, so I followed up with several coats of garnet Shellac. Mostly this was padded on, but the top I did a french polish for depth. Since this is for the kitchen, I wiped 4 coats of thinned polyurethane.

Overall it was a great project. I was very pleased with the joinery, especially the dovetails. I had never attempted to do them before. Of coarse I practiced on scrap before hand.

Although it took over a year to make, I finished just in time. I completed it a few days before my wife gave birth to our first child.

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