Stan’s Hoosier Step Stool

Viewer Project - By Stan Peters from Killingworth, CT
Added on February 28, 2013

My wife isn’t that tall and I like to sit and chat. To accommodate these two things we had to have a stool and a small step stool kicking around in our small kitchen. I saw this plan in Woodworker’s Journal for a Hoosier Step Stool a few years ago and finally had enough confidence to try to build it.

The construction was actually pretty straight forward, a couple of mortise and tenon ladder frames that the steps got mortised and tenoned into. The seat is attached with a couple of screws through each of the top rails and with the four braces. The wood braces are further reinforced with metal angle brackets set into routed out grooves. The light color of the maple with the clear wipe on poly finish goes well with the natural hickory cabinets of the kitchen. Each time I do a project I learn something new and this project was no exception. I really like the look and feel of the maple, but you sure have to have really sharp tools to work it.

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