Michael’s Segmented Bowl

This is only the second segmented bowl I’ve turned and it was really a surprise how easy it was to construct and turn. Turning this bowl was way easier than I thought and very enjoyable. I won’t win any design competitions with my simple design but the outcome is really great and does not take long. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. I simply have a Jet 1014 lathe and common lathe tools. It is a quick and satisfying project.

I glued up several 8-sided rings (painters tape to hold the segments together) this makes it faster. When I got them all assembled, I stacked and clamped them in place. I included a piece of plywood on the very top to mount the faceplate. I inserted a piece of paper between the top ring and the plywood mount. I was able to turn them only a few hours later. Once the outside and bottom were shaped using a roughing and spindle gouge, I was able to break the paper bond from the plywood and flip the piece around, mounting it on a chuck. I turned the top edge and inside with a gouge and scraper. The scraper, utilized at a downward angle to engage the hook edge properly, is really the key.

For the finish I sanded 120-400 grit and buffed with a cotton cloth while on the lathe. I used only 1 coat of tung oil.


  1. Bill Akins September 30, 2010

    Awesome video Michael. I have turned several bowls but I haven’t tried a segmented one yet. We need more turning stuuf on this site. Ahem, Marc, are you listening?

  2. What a great bowl! It almost looks as though it is woven from wood strips on the outside.

  3. Strolgen October 1, 2010

    Makes me want to buy a lathe but I don’t have the space and the money :(

  4. jersey mike October 1, 2010

    Love the video. Makes me want to try turning. Got lost in the music. Makes me think of Twin Peaks for some reason. Waiting for Agent Cooper to solve the bowl.

  5. Claude Stewart October 4, 2010

    Very nice video I liked the music and the bowl too.

  6. Ben October 4, 2010

    Ooh, really love the bird’s eye maple on the top! Wish I had a lathe!

  7. nick October 5, 2010

    i tryed making one of those today there fun to build. one thing i can add is that painters tape may work well but try out electrical tape. it has abit of stretch to it so its like a clamp in a way

  8. Greg October 9, 2010

    Very impressive bowl as well as nice short video.. I think you should consider making a DVD.

    Keep up the great work. I enjoyed the music as well.

  9. Paulie November 1, 2010

    Ohhhhh!!!!! I got wood @4:20 (pardon the pun), LOL. Great video! Thanks for making it.

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