210 – Woodworking in America 2013

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Woodworking in America is a conference held every year by the folks at Popular Woodworking Magazine. The conference features classes from various woodworking experts, a bustling vendor floor where you can quickly max out your credit cards, and numerous official and unofficial after-hours events. Personally, my favorite aspect of the show is the camaraderie. More than any other woodworking event, WIA brings out the online woodworkers. That means I get to put faces with the names I’ve been communicating with for years. And for the first time ever, all three co-hosts of Wood Talk were in the same place at the same time. The result of that can be heard in Wood Talk #154.

While I’d love to show you extensive footage of the classes, that just isn’t possible. There are always intellectual property hurdles and not to mention, video/audio quality concerns. So this video shows a few highlights and then focuses primarily on the vendors. It’s always fun to see new tools I’ll probably never buy and the vendors usually aren’t shy about discussing their products.

We talked with Lie-Nielsen, Shenandoah Tool Works, Hamilton Marking Gauges, Vogt Tool Works, Scott Meek Woodworks, Hock Tools, Blue Spruce Tool Works, Juan Vergara – Planemaker,

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  1. Tim Ogden October 24, 2013

    So is Lie Nielsen going to finally be actually selling the honing guide? They’ve been showing it in various forums for about 2 years now. Also did they give any sense of timing and pricing of the plow plane?

    • Todd H October 24, 2013

      The honing guide is supposed to be released before the holidays . The plow plane will be sometime in January and around $250 for the plane and a couple blades.

  2. Justin Hill October 24, 2013

    It was awesome! So glad I was able to make it out and meet everyone. I learned so much and got to practice self control with the credit card, although the latter part didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

  3. Jake Baker October 24, 2013

    The Matt Van voice over – Hilarious!

  4. Stan May October 24, 2013

    Great video, haven’t attended for a couple years, hopefully next year. Great voice over for Matt! Excellent tool reviews.
    ++ on your video shoot

  5. I thought you weren’t going to buy a plow plane Tim? ;)

    Nice video Marc, the production quality is as usual awesome. I don’t know how you did it with all the chaos going on in that marketplace. What’s crazy is I spent a significant amount of time there and never did see the LN plow so thanks for getting some footage of it.

  6. Mark Loughran October 25, 2013

    The bit with Matt is classic!!! Looks like an amazing event!!! Thanks Marc!!!

  7. Paul H October 26, 2013

    Looks like alot of fun. Wish I was there. Man I hope they bring it back to Pasadena one day.

  8. Rich F October 29, 2013

    Great video Marc! I noticed a round mallet on the bench in the background during the Lie Nielsen plow plane demonstration that looked a lot like a Blue Spruce mallet. Is that a mallet Lie Nielsen is planning on selling in the future or was that a Blue Spruce or some other manufacturer’s mallet??

  9. Frank K November 17, 2013

    I am moving to CA soon, and although it wasn’t my first choice, I am looking forward to the unique woodworking opportunities present over on the left coast. I remember hearing something about an annual or bi annual woodworking show in CA or at least that half of the country. I thought it was WIA. Am I wrong? Is there still a convention or something out there? Because I want to go!

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