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Last summer, on our Gadget Station delivery trip, we decided to stop and visit the one and only David Marks. If you’re not familiar with David, he is an incredible woodworker, and used to host a show on HGTV and the DIY Network called Woodworks. But the show has been over for nearly 5 years and David has moved on to bigger and better things. While we were there, he was kind enough to give us a nice shop tour. This is pure gold for any big Woodworks fans out there!

Also, David recently released his Scrapers DVD. It contains everything you need to know to properly sharpen card scrapers, cabinet scrapers, and gooseneck scrapers. I watched this for the first time last week and I instantly felt like I was watching a new episode of Woodworks (only more REAL!) You can pick the DVD up here.

Want to see more from David Marks? Check these out:

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  1. ArtCrafty January 6, 2009

    You and Nicole put together such great videos, and this one is no exception. We really lost a great show when Woodworks was cancelled. I’m glad you get to visit with him occasionally so we can get a peek at what he’s up to.
    Thanks for all you do for us that you don’t get enough credit for.

  2. It was cool to see David in his own element because he seemed so much more at ease there than he did on the Woodworks shows. Not that the shows weren’t great, but you could sense a little “uptightness” I’m sure as a result of all the pressures of presenting a television show and not being completely in control of the process.

    Your video tour of David and his shop makes me hope I can take one of his courses someday.

    Thanks Marc and Nicole.

  3. John C January 6, 2009

    Marc and Nicole, I’ve just found your website in the last few days and am having a great time viewing your videos. They are all very well done and extremely entertaining. I have a lot of respect for David Marks and seeing him and his shop was great.

    Thanks for all your hard work and you’ve got a new fan!


  5. BedrockBob January 7, 2009

    Man you crack me up. I have been a big fan of Wood Works for a long time and it was good to see David in his shop. Looks like David has done some gymnastics or maybe he joined the circus before woodworking.

    Another great episode.

  6. Tim M January 7, 2009

    WOW. Watching the video made me realize that David and I are really a lot alike. I have attained a sense of zen in the mess and disorganization of my shop. I see David is the same way. Now if I could attain just a little of his skill…he is truly a master.

    Nice interview and tour. I liked seeing David just being himself.

  7. Tony January 7, 2009

    Awesome video. That opening segment was hilarious. You should have had David wear your Peanut Butter Jelly Time shirt.

  8. Claude Stewart January 7, 2009

    This was great.

  9. Denny January 7, 2009

    If I only had half the shop David Marks has I’d be in hog heaven!

  10. Mike Johnson January 8, 2009

    Very, very nice. It’s good to see David Marks again. I love his skill and artistic, esthetic sense. He does seem much more himself, much more relaxed then on the show. This is how he should present himself.

    I was also interested to see that he is selling his work at galleries on Hawaii’s Big Island. The best place to vacation by the way. Next time I’m there I’ll have to take a look. A quick google search shows his work at Third Dimension galleries on the Kohala coast of the island. The pieces are very nice. Goto the url below and select David Marks:


  11. George Morris January 9, 2009

    Very nice visit with David! Great vidio . Thanks! George

  12. Greg (http://) January 9, 2009

    Should we expect anything less than outstanding. Great job Marc, I enjoyed the intro as well. Keep up the great job GRASSHOPPER.


  13. Germain January 12, 2009

    Wow, I finally had an opportunity to view this video. I’ve been waiting for it since last summer. Thanks so much, Marc. That was a great visit with David and a fascinating, realistic tour of the shop. I’m looking forward to the next segment.

    I recall seeing a superhero alter ego Bart Simpson had called “Amazing Dude”. I think that’s the perfect monicker for David Marks. I had the pleasure of attending one of David’s classes. There is no more amazing of a dude than he.


      haha, and I’ve been waiting for you to finally see the video. I don’t think any one was as anxious as you were for this release, lol. In fact, we weren’t even home from california and you were already asking when you could expect it! :) Its ok, I love the enthusiasm! Glad you finally had a chance to see it.

      David is indeed, an amazing dude.

  14. Thanks a million. I have missed the show since it stopped,so this was a real treat or me.

    David was big influence for me getting into woodworking.

    When I saw Woodworks for the first time, I was blown away. It was such a step, make that a leap above the Yankee woodworking show I had seen, that I was hooked.

    Thanks again,

  15. BA January 31, 2009

    I realy miss woodworking shows by David. David’s TV shows had made me start with woodwoking. He is a great master of woodworking art.

    Thank you so much for showing the video.


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