Jon’s Standalone Shop

I built this shop from the ground up starting in March of this year, it’s a continual work in progress. It is a well insulated 560 sq. ft. wood framed structure with a closet that has additional insulation to keep paints and glues from freezing in the winter and to keep the decibels from my compressor and dust collector down. I decided to go with a scissor truss sitting on 9’6″ walls to achieve 11’6″ height at center of the shop. It helps with storage and incorporating a bouldering cave my wife and I use for strength training for climbing. It hasn’t been cold enough to test it out yet, but I just finished wiring in a NewAir G73 electric heater that should be just enough to keep it warm during our mild winters.

Now that I have all of my tools organized for my occupation as a home remodeler, I can start to focus on outfitting the shop with some larger/newer equipment starting with upgrading from a bench top planer. I eventually plan on moving my truck outside to make room for larger projects in the winter and a possible finishing area. This has been a huge upgrade for me moving out of the uninsulated, horribly lit, and very small dungeon of a shop I worked out of for 4 years.


  1. TennesseeYankee December 28, 2012

    I love the dog. Wish mine would stick around when I am in the workshop.

    How well does the dust collection work on you miter saw? Is it a Makita?

    • Jon December 30, 2012

      It is the older style 10″ sliding Makita. It is hooked up to a Festool vacuum and sits on a down draft table, the vacuum does all the heavy lifting and collects a decent amount of the dust thrown off.

  2. Frank December 29, 2012

    No, I believe that’s that new Bosch saw with the articulating arm. I like how you’ve incorporated your climbing wall into your shop entrance. Very efficient use of space. You said well insulated. What kind did you use?

    • Jon December 30, 2012

      It has standard fiberglass insulation with foil faced rigid foam on the exterior between the sheathing and insulation. The closet is insulated with 3.5″ left over SIP panel material.

  3. Dave Hahne December 29, 2012

    Nice space and it looks well lit. Should allow for a nice setup when you finish outfitting it. And with the climbing wall you have something to do while glue sets :)

  4. Brandon December 30, 2012

    Nice work on your shop. I currently have my shop setup in two room in the basement of my historic home, so I know the dungeon feeling. Its funny how we get a bigger shop, we get bigger tools, then we need a bigger shop again.

  5. ShawnR December 30, 2012

    Can you post more pictures of your vacuum setup?

    You put the vacuum in a separate room; did you then run a line from that room up into the ceiling and then down into your main room? Do you move the tools over to the setup in picture 2 or do you use a flexi-pipe and stretch the hose over to your tools?

    I am looking for an effective and simple way to do dust collection without access from the ceiling or floor and being able to have the collector in a small room outside of where I make the dust.


    • Jon December 30, 2012

      I have the dust collector running straight through the closet wall with PVC fittings and blast gates for each duct leading to the work area. As of right now I have just been wheeling the equipment to the flex pipe until I get a more elaborate set up going, but it has been working great for the time being.

  6. Butch Rollins December 30, 2012

    Nice setup. At least you can get your truck in with all the tools. My shop is in the garage, and though ever thing is on a mobile base, I couldn’t get a Cooper Mini in mine. Looks good.

    • Brandon December 30, 2012

      I had my shop setup in the 2 car garage, of my previous house, and never parked a car in it for the ten years we lived there.

  7. Ryan C December 30, 2012

    Hi Jon – It’s good to see another Colorado Springs climber/woodworker! I like your space and would love to not have to share my tools with our 2 cars and climbing wall with our storage area in the basement. The higher ceilings make it a lot less like shed and more like the full structure it is. What kind of projects have you been working on?

  8. lancer December 31, 2012

    Great looking shop. I like the way you have every thing arranged.

  9. nick January 7, 2013

    Having the dust collector in the separate room is a very good idea.

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