Boj’s Garage Shop

Hi, I’m Boj and I am 16 and this is my shop. I have included photos of my Snap-on kra2212a toolbox (I call it my Roles-Royce), my router with a new router bit purchased to build the Guild Shaker Table and some of my planes and chisels.

One photo is of my workbench with my shaker table in progress. And lastly is my new router table and my new metabo bandsaw. Its not a very big workshop with very good tools (some are) like Marc’s beautiful workshop, but for now it works.

Here is an update from my shop. There’s been a lot of change in a year. First there’s new electrical wiring and 12 outlets. I bought a Festool kapex as well as some other Festool stuff. I have a new planer/jointer, a hammer a3-31, and a Felder af14 dust extractor. I made a big cabinet for my kapex, with drawers for all my hand tools, finishes, sandpaper and screws (I still need to make the last drawers). I recently bought a Wadkin Bursgreen tablesaw from the 70’s with a new motor. I hope I can make a new workbench this autumn with a Lie-Nielsen chain vice and a Benchcrafted tail vise.


  1. Couchcontrol September 12, 2011

    Hey Boj, wordt dit even een Nederlands onderonsje op TWW site.
    Goed bezig man, leuk om is een Nederlandse woodworker tegen te komen op deze site. Ik wens je veel succesvolle projecten toe en natuurlijk nog veel gereedschap maar ja das nogal prijzig.
    Groeten uit IJsselstein.

    Sorry for the dutch language but how often is there a dutch woodworker on this site.
    Way to go Boj!

    • Boj September 12, 2011

      Ha ha dat is toevalig!!!!

      • Wim September 15, 2011

        Uit Belgie ;)

        Weten jullie een shop on of off line (nederland is niet zo ver) waar je nog houten schaven kan kopen.

        • Boj September 15, 2011

          Dan moet je baptist in arnhem proberen dat is de houtbewerkings winkel of ga naar hun site

      • Wim September 15, 2011

        Ook maar een enkele on line. Hebben ze er meer in de winkel?

        • Boj September 15, 2011

          Weet ik niet heb ik nooit op gelet
          Anders of

        • Gerard September 16, 2011

          nog een hollander hier! Ik was laatst bij baptist in de winkel. Alle schaven staan in een mooie vitrine, beschermd tegen grijpgrage handen. Ik zag vooral stalen schaven en slechts enkele houten exemplaren. Ik schat iets van 2, maar niet bewust geteld.
          Mooie werkplaats Boj!
          Groet, Gerard uit Loosdrecht.

        • Wim September 16, 2011

          Duca tools lijkt me wel wat om de collectie aan te vullen.

    • Jeroen September 20, 2011

      Het lijkt erop dat je Hollanders echt overal tegen komt (zelfs in de ruimte kom je ze nog tegen :) Mooie shop!

    • Johan June 30, 2013

      Hello van Suid Afrika,
      Jou werksplek lyk mooi.
      Dit lyk amper soos myne, alhoewel joune baie meer prakties is.
      Wat se hout gebruik jy die meeste in Nederland?

  2. Miked September 12, 2011

    Nice setup you got there Boj. Don’t worry about having a bunch of tools. They will come. I think I have no less than five things to add to my collection. For some reason that list never gets down to one.

  3. Nice little shop, Boj. It’s too clean, so you need to go have some fun making stuff and making a mess. That’s what woodshops are made for!

  4. Boj September 12, 2011

    Its a mess now… I’m planing my wood gor the charity build ( i don’t have a dustcollecter) and i’m making a chessboard and i use moulding planes…..

  5. Dave from Oz September 13, 2011

    How is the light in that shop Boj? Looks like a few more fittings could boost the use and safety. I am evnvious of your bandsaw. I just have a picture of one, lol.

    • Boj September 13, 2011

      Yes i have to make some fittings its a bit dangerous now but it works…
      Don’t spent your money on that bandsaw the quality isn’t good

      • Brendan September 14, 2011

        Im probably gonna be only one of many to tell you this, however, get more lights! I don’t know your local retailers, but, in most cases you can get Flourecent lights for less than $20 a pop, and in some cases one will light an entire 10×10 area… When you use “dangerous” in describing your shop, thats a bad sign.

        • boj September 14, 2011

          i have called someone that is going to fix it all
          there will be more light and fittings

      • Wim September 15, 2011

        What’s wrong with it?
        I have a thickness planer of metabo and i’m very happy about it.
        I have some intrest in the bandsaw.

      • I dont’t know about what you know about the Metabo, but their product quality is as good as festo / festool. please do your home work right or Boj as Marc SP. of what he thinks of Metabo Bandsaw.

  6. Ken September 13, 2011

    That’s a beautiful workbench.

    • Boj September 13, 2011

      The last summer vacation my school moved to another bigger building
      They bought lots of new tools and they gave me that workbench
      Also they gave me a lot of clamps , planes and other tools!!!!
      One problem is that my bench isn’t flatt

      • Oliman September 22, 2011

        Hi Boj,
        you can with a bit of patience get your workbench flat using your router. Here is the setup to do it, it is in French but I think pictures are self explanatory :

        • Boj September 24, 2011

          Thanks oliman !!!! I think i’m gonna try that

  7. TennesseeYankee September 13, 2011

    I wish I had had a chance to start out with woodworking this early in my life….I think we have the makings of the next generation of WoodWhisperers.

  8. He, Boj Mooie werkplaats !!(nice workshop)

  9. Rob Cottle September 19, 2011

    Thought my shop was small – But yours is definetly cleaner. Shaker table looks good.

  10. Hi BoJ.
    Nice shop, but just as the rest of the people are saying, there is no light in your shop.
    Adds some more light and be safe.
    Well equips shop with light is as safe as it gets.
    Thanks for your photos.

    • Boj June 29, 2013

      There’s a lot of light but they are turned of on that picture
      It makes it a pretty good workspace and next week i’m going to by metal ductwork for the dust collection instead af the 2 meter hose

  11. Thomas Kaiser June 29, 2013

    I like it is a good shop and there is a lot of room to work and grow. Looks like you have everything so just get to it.

  12. He BOJ,

    Nice setup you have. Good to see you are developing your skils. Guessing here but Did you start at HMC This year?
    We are still looking for third and fourth year interns so if your intrested give us a call.

  13. Hi Boj,

    Goeie werkplaats man! @Wim: heeft een ruime collectie houten schaven.

    Sorry guys, here’s a translation: nice workshop! has a large collection of wooden planes.

  14. Brad December 15, 2013

    Very nice Kapex table. What material did you use?

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