The Woodshop Widget 2.0

Post - March 27, 2011

I just received word that the WoodShop Widget has been upgraded to version 2.0. If you already have the app on your Apple device, this upgrade is free. And if you use the web-based version, the changes are already in place.

So what’s new?

Species Comparison: Compare different species side by side based on hardness and shrinkage properties.

Species: A new tool for walking through all of the species in the database, which also lists the common names and the technical info in plain English.

General Updates:
– The design of Decimal to Fraction has been reworked to be cleaner and clearer, and it now translates whole numbers in both directions
– ?Board Feet? is now ?Board Volume? and works in metric!
– Squareness has much greater precision
– Various visual design improvements

The final change is that we are no longer associated with the app. All is well between Kenneth and I, but we decided that the TWW presence there really wasn’t necessary.

Will there be an Android version? Kenneth had this to say:
“Short version: Hopefully! Long version: I?ve been waiting to see how the market panned out to see if investing the time for a *3rd* set of code to develop and maintain would be feasible. At this point I?m still not sure about that, and 2.0 (with the price increase) will help decide for real. It really is an incredible amount of work, and I?m doing this on the side. I?m hoping I could repurpose the web version, which would make it far less intense. I would also have to buy an Android device and maintain service, while this is just a side thing for me. Once I get a little breather from this mad rush I?ll dig in deeper, and definitely let you all know when I do.”

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