Win a Portacube MiterSaw Workstation or a WoodWonders Puzzle Book!

Post - January 11, 2017

We have a great giveaway sponsored by Portamate and WoodWonders for the month of January! Learn about both of the prizes below and make sure you enter before January 31st to support these generous companies!

Congratulations to Stan P. from Royal Oaks, CA and Chris M. from Troy, IL! They are our winners from last month of the Arbortech Mini-Grinder and VerySuperCool Tools T-Square Fence! Click here for a consolidated list of all the past winners and prizes.

Thanks to our friends at PortaMate and Affinity Tool Works we have a Portacube PM-8000 STR Miter Saw Workstation to giveaway to one lucky reader! Released just last month, this revolutionary miter saw workstation has tons of features. Weather you need a portable miter saw stand or extra work surface, the compact Portacube STR is the perfect addition to your work space. It’s compact footprint of 31″ x 29″ stores easily in almost any workshop. And with it’s heavy duty 10″ wheels it can be easily moved around your shop or work area. When the built in extension wings are fully extended you get up to 7 feet of working surface when your miter is in the storage position. The extension wings also contain adjustable tool tables allowing you to adjust them to the height of your miter saw. One of the most unique features is the rotational table top. When using your miter saw it utilizes universal tool mounts allowing it to fit almost any miter saw up to 26 1/2″ wide. When you are done with your cuts it easily rotates your miter saw back into storage and gives you up to 7 feet of flat working surface for other projects you may have.
*NOTE – Miter Saw is not included

See a demo of the Portacube Miter Saw Workstation!

Our next prize is a book from Brian Menold over at WoodWonders. This new puzzle book is geared for beginner to moderate woodworkers interested in starting to make puzzles as a hobby and to any puzzle enthusiast interested in knowing how it’s done. It features simple designs from many of his favorite designers such as, Stewart Coffin, Jos Bergmans, Yavuz Demirhan, Tom Jolly, Primitivo F. Ramos, Stéphane Chomine and Ken Irvine. Enter today for your chance to win a signed copy!

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. If you take advantage of every option, you’ll get as many as 9 entries! If you don’t see the widget below, you can also try the mobile version that lives on Facebook. If you are on a desktop computer and don’t see the widget, try the following: clear your cache, turn off pop-up blockers, turn off ad-blocking plugins, and/or try a different browser.

What’s up for grabs this month!

PortaMate and WoodWonders Giveaway

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