Win a Fuji Spray MPX-30 Compressor Spray Gun

Post - May 5, 2017

Thanks to our friends at Fuji Spray we have the newly released Fuji MPX-30 Reduced Pressure Compressor Spray Gun to give away to one lucky reader! The giveaway ends May 31st so enter now!

The Fuji MPX-30 Spray Gun has been developed to fill the gap between conventional high pressure spray guns and HVLP. Using only Medium Pressure (MP) levels similar to Reduced Pressure (RP) spray guns, the MPX-30 combines rapid application speed and higher transfer rates. The MPX-30 is a general purpose spray gun perfect for any type of professional spray finishing. Versatile in terms of application and performance handling all types of coatings with ease including High Solid materials. The Fan Pattern Controller offers precise fan adjustment reducing over-spray and waste. The gun is compact and lightweight – easy to handle. The ergonomic design allows the spray gun to feel comfortable in the hand for extended periods of time. The MPX-30 is also easy to operate embodying the same familiar controls as any conventional high pressure spray gun but still offering the many benefits of HVLP. Faster work is ensured by the particularly wide fan and the high material flow rates. At a spray distance of 8” the fan pattern size ranges up to 13”. The Optimized Air Cap Design results in a soft spray pattern and outstanding atomization. Due to the higher Air Cap Pressure, compared to HVLP compressor guns, less compressed air is required for atomization. Fuji MPX Technology ensures transfer efficiency above 65% required by VOC Legislation. The added benefit is a considerable savings in paint compared to conventional spraying equipment. Less thinning is required allowing for the highest color match precision, high gloss and uniform paint distribution.

See the MPX-30 in action!

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What’s up for grabs this month!

Fuji Spray Giveaway

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