Tim’s Greene & Greene Inspired Table

Viewer Project - By Tim Snider from Derby, KS
Added on June 1, 2012

I’ve been interested in G&G style furniture for awhile. I saw several items such as the G&G buffet in Fine Woodworking and a sofa table in Woodsmith magazine. The buffet was too big and the sofa table wasn’t quite the right style. When I saw Thomas Stangeland’s Anderson Server in Darrell Peart’s book I knew I had my project. I worked up the details using full size cardboard models to ensure that details, sizes and spacing looked ‘correct’. I exchanged emails with Chris before and after the project. He was gracious in providing information on insert spacing and other details. He quickly picked up on my customizations and preference changes in the final pictures.

I had planned to do this project in Maple, however my lumber supplier talked me into using Alder. Alder’s advantage is that it’s very easy to work with. Making the mortises for the plugs was easy. The disadvantage is that it’s too soft. Some of the plug holes are crushed at the surface and not well defined.

Finishing was not fun, probably because I wanted it perfect! I wanted to simulate mahogany so I mixed brown pigment with shellac. I stripped and redid the finish in several problem places.

Ultimately I’m satisfied with the project. It looks good in the bedroom. I want to ‘make it again’ using walnut or mahogany next time. Comments are appreciated.

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