Stephen’s Dining Room Table

Viewer Project - By Stephen Julian from Southlake, TX
Added on January 22, 2013

This table took me a year from start to finish. I did not work on it everyday, just when I had time.

There are 750 pieces of veneer in this table. The design for the top came from my wife and daughter. Each piece was cut by hand and placed into the walnut burl veneer field piece. The top is a torsion box construction with a 1/4 MDF piece on the top and bottom with structural pieces between them. We wanted something really different that could seat 10-12 people. Legs were constructed with frame and panel. Both of the leg assemblies have casters underneath that allow the table to be moved. The table weighs in at approximately 250 pounds. The different veneer pieces are made up of a combination of Satinwood, black dyed Pear, Amboyna burl, and Holly.

Twenty-two coats of Polyurethane were applied to the top, and then it was wet sanded to 1200 grit. There are two removable leaves at 18 inches wide. The table is 124 inches long with the leaves installed. The trim pieces that run along the edge are Walnut. I cut a side groove in them to accommodate the banding pieces into the side and made a relief cut in the top portion of them to hold the Satinwood veneer.