Matthew’s “Heritage” Box

Viewer Project - By Matthew from Hurricane, UT
Added on February 16, 2012


I produced this box as a Christmas gift for my mother. A number of years ago I had inherited a few boards of Cuban Mahogany out of my grandfather?s shop. I have memories of asking him about them in my younger years only to be told that he was saving them for something truly special. I remembered those words over and over throughout the years and as such, have squirreled the lumber away; saving them for something that I thought he would find truly special as well. That’s when the inspiration for the top hit and the rest took shape from there.

The top is pieced together similar to intarsia and are 100% solid. It is then framed in by the mahogany and beveled to give it a light look and feel. The body of the box is more mahogany that I mitered and splined to the rosewood legs. It’s lined with tan deer hide suede on the top, bottom and on the removable tray.

I finished the box with 3 coats of Maloof?s poly/oil, sanding out each coat after it dried and then followed that up with 3 coats of Maloof?s oil/wax; burnishing with finer and finer steel wool after each successive coat. The finish is absolutely satin smooth and is a wonder to touch.

I named the box “Heritage” as I couldn’t think of a more fitting name as it is truly a piece of art from my own heritage.

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