Camil’s Keepsake Box with Secret Drawer

Viewer Project - By Camil Octavian Milincu from Timisoara, Romania
Added on February 14, 2012

Website: Studio Minus

This is my second project, a keepsake box built for a friend who’s birthday was on 11.11.2011. I was free to fiddle with the design, the only requests were traditional joinery, “clean look”, no use of stains, and the ability to keep a secret.
Overall dimensions are 320 cm x 160 cm x 10 cm ( approx. 12 x 6 x 4 inches )

It was my first encounter with bubinga. Until now I only used local species. Also I almost bit more than I could “cut” with the joinery of the secret drawer. Due to the small dimensions of the parts, it was almost impossible to secure them in a vise.

Another tense moment was while boring the holes for the “hinges” (two 6 mm brass pins). I do not have a drill press, and as with this system there is no chance of fine tuning, they had to be dead square. To do this I used a mirror and two squares placed on the workpiece. A thing that I’ll try to avoid next time.

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