The Passing of a Legend: Sam Maloof

Post - May 22, 2009

I was incredibly sad to hear that one of the greats, Sam Maloof, passed away last night at age 93. Ask any group of woodworkers about their influences, and it won’t take long before Maloof’s name is brought up. His impact in the woodworking community was immense and he will certainly be missed. Our condolences to his family and friends.

One of the reasons I started woodworking for a living was because of woodworkers like Maloof. Not just his work itself, but his love and excitement for the craft. After decades of dust in his lungs and splinters in his hands, he continued to look forward to every trip to the workshop. That was truly inspirational. The man may be gone, but his spirit lives on in the countless things he created and people he influenced. I can’t think of a better way to honor him than to continue sharing our love for the craft and building our own legacies. Here’s a quote from Maloof that I love:

“Whatever I’m working on, I get excited. It does not matter whether I have done the same piece many times. I still can’t wait to get out to the shop in the morning.”

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