Shop Stool Build-Off

Post - January 5, 2014

Stool01 copyOne of my most-used projects ever is my shop stool. I built it many years ago when I lived in California. The design is from David Marks and the project was featured on Woodworks. You can actually buy the paper plans on his website or you can purchase the video here. So if you haven’t already built yourself a nice shop stool, you should probably consider doing so.

My internet woodworking pal Chris Wong recently announced a Shop Stool Build-Off that I thought was a very cool idea. We are helping to sponsor the event by offering up a 1 Year Wood Whisperer Guild subscription. He is likely to have other prizes available as well. I don’t yet know the criteria for selecting winners but I think the prizes are just the icing on the cake. Building a nice sturdy shop stool is really the challenge and the prize all in one! If you’re interested, sign up here.

From Chris:

“The idea of this build-off is to have a group of woodworkers simultaneously build a shop stool and share pictures along the way.”

The build will begin Saturday, January 25th at 8 am Pacific though you can certainly do your research and planning ahead of time. After the stools are complete, Chris will share your pictures on his blog and distribute the prizes. You can read more and sign up for the event on Chris’s blog.

As I scoured my hard drive to find the stool picture above, I found a few of the in-process shots from the build. As you can see, even back then I had a problem acting “normal” in the shop especially where there was a camera around. Nicole loves it, especially around the holidays when we take family photos.

stool-glueup-2 stool-glueup-1

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