Tool Storage Preferences

Poll - April 20, 2015

I can remember is clearly. The day I bought my rolling tool chest to store my woodworking tools, this one guy came over to me in the store. He told me, “There is no way I would ever put woodworking tools into something like that. I would spend more time looking for the darned things instead of using them. I keep them out on shelves so I know what I have.”

Free advice from a stranger in a home improvement store is often worth the price you pay for it. But, this guy’s rant did come back to me recently as I was putting my tools away in my tool chest. For me, I would much rather have my tools stored away out of sight. The reason? When I am done with a certain part of a project (say, using a caliper to measure the thickness of wood as it comes off the planer), I want to put that tool away and not see it. Too much visual clutter if things are out and messy puts me off my game.

So how do you like to store your tools? Do you keep them where you can see them easily, or do you store them in enclosed storage to keep them out of the line of sight? Does it even matter?

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