Shipping Deadlines

Poll - December 15, 2014

Like a good little elf, you just built the gifts in your shop. Maybe a cutting board for Aunt Edna or a vase for Uncle Bill. The finish is dry and it’s ready to go, right?

Uh oh! We still have to get those gifts where they need to go! Some of us are lucky and can simply hand the gifts to our recipients on the holiday. For others, those gifts are going to have to travel a great distance. And with shipping come those pesky shipping deadlines – many of them arriving this week.  Blech!

While your local post office and other carriers such as FedEx and UPS can get things where they need to go in a hurry, they haven’t yet created time travel – allowing you the flexibility to ship things to arrive in the past.

So this week, let us know if you are going to make those shipping deadlines or if you are going to be sending apologies for a late-arriving gift.

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