Safety Equipment on Your Tablesaw?

Poll - May 2, 2012

More than any tool in the wood shop, the tablesaw generates the most heated discussions surrounding safety. Part of that could certainly be attributed to the whole SawStop/legislation situation. But one thing we all must admit is that the tablesaw is potentially one of the most dangerous tools in the shop. Anyone who has experienced a kickback knows that when things go wrong at the tablesaw, they go wrong in a very big way! So it’s very important to use the proper gear like push sticks, featherboards, splitters/riving knives, and blade guards.

I own several safety devices for my tablesaw and I use them in various combinations depending on the task at hand. Nearly every cut is done using the riving knife. I try to use my blade guard as much as possible too but I must admit to forgetting on occasion. And I very rarely send a piece through the saw with my bare hands. Push sticks help to keep my hands at least 8-12″ away from the blade at all times.

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