How Important Is A Drill Press?

Poll - April 15, 2012

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A drill press was one of the first tools I ever purchased for my shop. Why? Because Lowe’s carried one for a reasonable price and I remember seeing David Marks use one once. Of course I needed one! As a result of this not so well thought out logic, I didn’t wind up using my drill press all that much. But over the years, the value of this tool has become clear to me and I wind up using the tool for just about any project that requires drilling.

There are two aspects that I really like about this tool. First, it keeps the bit perfectly perpendicular to the surface with the workpiece clamped in position. This makes for much more accurate hole placement. The second factor is drillings speed. Not just the adjustable rotational speed but the level of control you have over plunge speed.

So while I didn’t use it all that much initially, the drill press has become a very important tool in my shop.

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