Effects of Safety Week

Poll - May 27, 2012

Every year, Woodworkers Safety Week serves as a (sometimes painful) reminder to stay safe in our shops. But woodworker Jay Cox asked me on our Facebook Page if we could poll the general public to find out how lasting the effects are. That’s a very good question! So does this stuff stick with you all year long or do you tend to forget about it a week later and let old habits creep back in?

I know for me, safety is a constant concern. Really, it should be on all of our minds 100% of the time when we are in the shop. But in my case, I have the additional concerns of documenting everything I do and then sharing it with the public. If I do something that is unsafe, I could very well endanger thousands of other woodworkers. So the pressure is always on for me. And for that, my fingers are quite thankful!

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