Do You Plan Woodworking Into Family Vacations?

Poll - July 2, 2012

Fortunately for me, I haven’t had to worry about this yet. Nicole and I take numerous trips throughout the year for both business and pleasure, and if a woodworking-related opportunity is in the area, I never have an issue working it in. I imagine that might all change now that we have a little one. I suppose you have to be a little more careful how you shoehorn this stuff in. May I suggest one of the best possible win/win scenarios? Take a class at the William Ng School. You can spend the week with the family at Disneyland and then on the weekend, you can take one of William’s excellent two-day classes! Of course other woodworking schools may be near stuff that would interest your family, but Disneyland is pretty hard to beat, although I’m more of a Disney World kinda guys myself.

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