Do You Like Red Oak?

Poll - January 21, 2013

Red Oak, at least in the US, is one of those woods that we tend to take for granted. We find it used in everything from cabinets, to flooring, to furniture, to *GULP* wall paneling. And like anything that gets used excessively, many folks have a distinct distaste for the species. I am one of those people. Everything in my childhood home was from red oak or at least stuff what was made to look like red oak. We even had some sweet red oak wall paneling! So as I delved deeper into the craft of woodworking, I discovered what it was that I really didn’t like about the wood: the deep grain and outspoken cathedral patterns. To me, Red Oak just looks “country” and gives me terrible nightmares that feature a Conway Twitty soundtrack.

Interestingly enough, if the wood is either quartersawn or rift sawn, I don’t have nearly as much of an aversion to it.

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