Hybrid Woodworking

The primary focus of the book is incorporating hand tools into a power tool shop. Many of us have a desire to work with hand tools, but with a shop full of power tools you might not know where to begin. My goal is to incorporate very specific hand tools that enhance, not replace, our existing power tools. The concept of hybrid woodworking isn’t exactly new, but I hope my approach to the topic will inspire you to be open-minded about your tool choices and perhaps we can close the gap that exists between Neanderthals and Normites.

Part 1: Tools of the Hybrid Woodworker
This section covers the tools I recommend for a hybrid wood shop, including Power Tools, Must-Have Hand Tools, Hand Tools to Consider, and Hand Tools to Consider….Later.

Part 2: Techniques of the Hybrid Woodworker
This section covers milling and basic joinery including half-laps, dados, rabbets, mortise & tenons, hybrid dovetails and more!

Part 3: Hybrid Projects
I wrap up the book by reviewing a few of my past projects (Platform Bed, Split-Top Roubo Workbench, Shaker Table, Wall-Hanging Cabinet, Adirondack Chair) and how hybrid techniques helped me achieve optimal results.

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