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Post - April 7, 2019

Essential JoineryThis March, my new book Essential Joinery by Marc Spagnuolo (that’s me) will be released. You can pre-order the book here or even purchase a bundle that also contains my previous book Hybrid Woodworking here. Please note, all direct orders will be autographed and we expect to ship early April.

Obviously the book is about Joinery, but let me give a little more information so you can understand what makes this book unique. Most traditional joinery texts are exhaustive and serve as something of an encyclopedia of joinery. While certainly useful, these kinds of texts might be a little intimidating to new woodworkers. They also tend to lack the detail beginners need to execute the joints in the real world (it’s hard to go into great detail when you have a hundred joints to demonstrate). By contrast, Essential Joinery distills the topic down to the most commonly-used joints and the various ways we make them. I used large images and step by step instruction to make the book as clear, concise, and informative as possible. And because we all make mistakes, I even took the time to show how to repair common errors.

Table of Contents:

  • Ch. 1 – Butt Joints
  • Ch. 2 – Rabbets, Dadoes & Grooves
  • Ch. 3 – Mortises & Tenons
  • Ch. 4 – Half-Laps & Bridles
  • Ch. 5 – Dovetails

I truly want this book to serve as a “missing manual” for joinery; a book that fills in the gaps left behind by existing publications (pun intended). The subject matter of Essential Joinery is very beginner-friendly but I suspect even experienced woodworkers will have something to gain by reading it.

The book is slated to be 200+ pages and will be published by Spring House Press.

Please note that ordering from our website directly is a great way to support us. You’ll pay full price but you’ll get an autographed copy and our eternal thanks. If you want to save money, you’ll most likely want to buy the book on Amazon.

If you’d like to pick up both of my books (Hybrid Woodworking and Essential Joinery), you can order the bundle here.

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