Build the Krenov-Inspired Display Stand

Post - August 22, 2014

On September 5th we are starting a new Guild Build: the Krenov Display Stand.

Get Access to this build for 10% OFF this weekend ONLY! (Use code KRENOV)

krenov-buhlNot familiar with Krenov? James Krenov (1920–2009) is a renowned furniture-maker who influenced countless modern woodworkers with his woodworking and writing. Krenov is perhaps best known for his amazing cabinets, typically held aloft by a set of beautiful long sweeping legs. Our friend and fellow woodworker Tom Buhl built his own version of a Krenov-inspired display stand (pictured left) and let us use his design as a starting point. While not truly a Krenov piece, it will serve as an excellent entry point into the world of decorative cabinet-making.

The piece features bandsawn and hand-cut dovetails, compound curved legs, and a center-guided drawer! It promises to be a really fun build and we’ll post a video each Friday until the project is complete. If you’re interested, you can get the project for 10% OFF this weekend ONLY by using the code KRENOV at checkout. Subscribe Today! Just add the Krenov Display Stand to your cart, use the code, and you’ll be all set. Thanks and have an awesome weekend!

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