Build a Morris Chair!

Post - April 21, 2014

morris-chair-1On May 2nd, 2014, the Wood Whisperer Guild will embark on the next big project: A Morris Chair! The design takes influence from various modern and classic interpretations of the Morris Chair and features elegant bowed arms and a contoured back. Of course a chair this comfortable also deserves a footstool, so we’ll build one of those to match!

Techniques Galore!

This project will challenge woodworkers of all skill levels as we delve into fairly advanced techniques like bent lamination and creating mortise and tenon joints on various curved workpieces. The SketchUp rendering doesn’t show it well, but the legs on the chair and the foot stool feature tapers on the outside faces, giving the pieces an additional sense of weight and sturdiness.

Look Ma! Something Different!

This is first Guild project to require upholstery and sewing. While I’m no expert in either area, I am going to try my hand at creating the drop-in cushions. For the back cushion, we’ll have the help of a seamstress. But all steps will be filmed and demonstrated.

How to Get Access!

All active Guild Subscribers will receive this project as part of their membership. If you’re a member, log in and you should see the project already in Your Projects.

Not a Guild member yet? Sign up for a 1 Yr. Subscription before May 30th and receive access to this and the next two projects for FREE. If you’re not interested in a Subscription, you can purchase access to this project alone for $65.

What to Expect!

The project will begin with a Live Virtual Tour on May 2nd and will continue with a video release every Friday until the project is complete.

We do plan on having kits available through Bell Forest Products and we’ll provide links as soon as we have them. Keep in mind, the first few week’s worth of videos focus on introductory topics like history, wood selection, and rough-milling, so there’s plenty of time to get your materials. Not to mention, it’s always better to lag behind the videos by a few weeks so that we can work out any little kinks.

Sign Up Today!

morris-chair-2 morris-chair-3

If you have any questions about this project or how the Guild works, I would be happy to help out. Just leave your question in the comments section below.

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