A Guild Chat with David Marks

Post - December 8, 2009

Download MP3 David_MarksOne of the great features of a Guild membership is having access to live interactive interviews with notable woodworkers and professionals in the industry. On December 7th, we had a chance to speak with David J. Marks. David Marks is an accomplished designer, furniture-maker, turner, and artist. He was the star of the Woodworks TV show on the DIY Network, which in my opinion, is some of the best woodworking programming ever made! And now David travels around the world teaching woodworking, as well as teaching in his very own school in Santa Rosa California.

djm-bandsawnveneersDavid recently released his latest DVD, Bandsawn Veneers, which will show you how to dial-in your bandsaw for precision veneer cuts. And if you are having trouble getting your saw setup properly, I highly recommend you check it out. So for more information about David’s DVD’s and classes, check out his website: DJMarks.com

The full interview is over an hour and a half long and what I have for you here is a 35 minute taste. Here are some additional topics covered in the full Guild version:

  • How sanding through veneer cost David a job.
  • David’s thoughts on the exploding amount of woodworking content on the web.
  • Would David rather be teaching, or perfecting his craft?
  • David’s woodworking heroes.
  • Tips for a young woodworker looking to land a job.
  • And many more questions from the Guild members………

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