Todd’s Custom Bunk Beds

From: Todd Petersen


Location: Folsom, CA

Amateur or Pro: Pro

Wood Species: Douglas Fir

Project Description:
I know its pretty basic stuff here but everything is custom made!! I hand select every board I use. Next I run everything through my planer and then use my router to round off the edges. Sanding comes after to clean up any rough spots. After all the lumber is cut, I stain it to the customers’ color choice if necessary, first applying a pre-stain conditioner. When that is done I place all the boards in one of two jigs I pre-made to construct the ends of the bunk beds. I then pre-drill and counter sink the screws to hold it all together. Every bed I’ve made has been different in some way. Different heights, lengths, color…you name it. The stairs I make are from 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood with 2×6 cross braces holding them together. I even make them with pull out drawers built in! I also make a pair or drawers rolling on 4 each individual casters. The drawers have a 2×10 doug fir front, sides and a back from 1/2″ MDF and the bottom from either 1/4″ Luann or 1/2″ OSB. I use 2 1/2″ wood screws, 3″ lag screws, 2×6 joist hangers and of course, wood glue to fasten everything.


  1. Mike M ( December 13, 2010

    Some very nice designs! Great job!

  2. needmoretime December 13, 2010

    I can not wait till my boys (twins) are old enough so I can build them a set of bunk beds it will so fun.

  3. Schmoll December 13, 2010

    Some cool ideas. Not sure if my boy’s room has the height required, but I know he would love a set. Spent a vacation at the beach and the house we stayed at had one…he still talks about the bed, but not the beach:)
    Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Brian December 13, 2010

    very nice. looks like you could make a killing near college campus’ with lofts custom built. Are they easily break down-able? That would be awesome if they were for ease of moving and whatnot. Keep up the good work.

  5. Vic December 13, 2010

    I always loved bunk beds as a kid. I still like ‘em!! Great fun for the kids who get them.

  6. David December 13, 2010

    Nice work. I really like the dark finished on with the steps. Good for any age.


  7. SRiggle December 13, 2010

    So Todd, just wondering how your experience with 1-800-bunkbed has been? Concidered it and even called, still wonding…would love some details.

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone, very easy to build, they all break down with only a socket wrench and screw gun, maybe another person to lend a hand.

    SRiggle, contact Steve Everett,, he’s the most profitable franchise owner so far, has tons of good advice and has helped quite a bit.

  9. Bryan H December 14, 2010

    Good stuff Todd. I have never seen the ‘triple’ bunk in the last picture…definitely a nice piece for a house with lots of kids and only a few rooms.

  10. Ben December 15, 2010

    The triple bunk is definitely a cool idea.

  11. Li_buddha December 15, 2010

    Nice work.

    The moment I saw these pictures, I wanted to build one, too. So I started an inquiry with my “boss” ;-) which she immediately rejected (arrgh). Guys, why do women not like bunk beds? Is there any chance? Should I paint it pink – ok, sorry – violet? What about integrating a closet beneath the sleeping space? Has this ever been done before? Any pictures?


  12. My triple bunk bed has become a popular item lately. I recently even made a triple Twin/Full with Full Loft bed…freaking huge bed….haha

  13. I recently made a triple Twin over Full with a Full Loft bed attatched…HUGE!!!!

  14. JMAN December 19, 2010

    I just wonder is 1800bunkbed profitable? I got a postcard in the mail and have been curious ever since. Now that I see a real person making these beds and that Marc has posted this up onto his site this makes me feel a whole lot better about investigating it.


      Please don’t take my posting of the project as an endorsement. I actually know NOTHING about the company and how profitable it can be. Normally I wouldn’t post something like this on the site but Todd has been responsive and even came back to answer some questions. I’d be curious to hear Todd’s thoughts on the business aspect.

  15. Please contact Steve Everett,,, he?s the most profitable franchise owner so far, has tons of good advice and has helped me quite a bit. I’m not trying to make a 1800bunkbed commercial here I promise, I only wanted to display things I make.

  16. JMAN December 21, 2010

    My apologies Marc. I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth.

  17. Jacob January 26, 2011


    Great Work!

    My wife and I were jsut talking about a loft bed for our 4 year old and I remembered your post. I showed her the pictures listed and might be doing something similiar to the image posted at the top, with the desk below.


  18. Lawrence February 27, 2011

    I did the 1800bunkbed thing for a while. If you’re really into marketing and you don’t mind handling lots of 8′ 2×6 (and a finished product of 200lbs) you might be able to make money at it. I gave it up for two reasons 1) I am the worst business man on the planet. 2) My aging body needs smaller, lighter projects.

  19. Danielle April 5, 2011

    I’m looking for something like picture #2 on this site, but I want the bottom bunk to look just like the top with all the railing (I’m putting a young one down there)! I was also wondering if the stairs on the side have storage underneath them? I am ready to move forward with bunk beds as I want them ready by august. I have searched all over for the perfect bunk beds and these are the closest so far! Please let me know!

  20. Danielle, please contact me at and I’d be happy to discuss your bunk bed plans.

  21. John Beck November 15, 2011

    Hello Todd,

    I’m looking into this 1800bunkbeds business and seeing that you have been doing it for about a year now. How well is your business doing? Would you do it again knowing what you know now? What are some of the pit falls to this business and if I may ask how much does it really cost to get up and running.

    Thank you for your time

  22. Robert May 24, 2012

    Here is what happens when you call 800 bunk beds. The owner tells you that you can do it with very little woodworking knowledge and the beds sell themselves. He will tell you that you will have many orders quickly even though you tell him you are bad at marketing. He also gives this generic website which Google hates and will make sure it never ranks because they don’t like cookie cutter websites. He also cuts you off when you ask to speak to other 800 bb owners.
    Then after you pay your set up fee and commit to 6 months worth of payments, you can talk to Steve Everette who will be the first to admit it is all about marketing and only marketing which is the very reason I hesitated on going with 800 bunkbed. I cancelled my subscription but will still lose 3000.00 between 6 months commitment, inventory and tools.
    May this letter save all who can not market and hire someone else to make the beds thousands of dollars.

    • I too joined 1800bunkbed and to be frank, it took me less than a couple of months to find they had nothing to offer at the time except some outdated plans. Even the hardware they recommend was dated. I now understand why they refused to publish a list of their members. That should have been the biggest red flag ever waved. As for marketing, it was very vanilla at best. In the end, and after spending mucho $$$$$ I set out on my own. It’s not a hard business, but it is a business that requires a good business sense. Building beds is the easy part, generating business is everything else and that’s where they truly failed me. Anyway, who uses the phone anymore? Not a lot of value today in a special 800 number. It’s all about social networking and internet promotion in today’s world.

      • Dianne November 20, 2014

        The 1800bunkbed initial contract is no longer 6 months. It now requires a 10 month commitment. The 1-800 number that you pay for generates very few leads. When they tell you that you benefit from their promotion/marketing, remember that they are really promoting THEIR business, not yours, and YOU and woodworkers like you are their market. The residual benefit that you will gain from that marketing is minimal, at best. One small indicator is the email account that they assign you. If you actually try to use it with customers you will find that your emails always go to their spam folders. I take that as a sign that most of what comes out of that server are those tacky emails they send you warning that it is your “last chance” to buy a territory.

        You DO need woodworking experience, because the plans need adjustments in order to make things fit properly. This will increase the initial production time, so allow for that if you care about delivering quality to what few customers you may have.

        As always, read the contract carefully. Do not allow yourself to be schmoozed.

  23. Dana October 25, 2012

    If you just want basic bunkbed or loftbed plans, google OP Loftbeds. They sell plans and optional hardware for both, in twin through kingsize, including extra long twin for college students. The resulting product is not necessarily elegant unless you have some woodworking skill and talent but they are built like tanks and can be disassembled for a move with just some wrenches or pliers. The parts that are disassembled are connected by long bolts and wingnuts. Many people who buy the plans later post pictures of modifications and accessories but getting plans for them is difficult. Which is why I am searching for stand-alone stairs with storage to put along side of my daughter’ loft, mostly so our dog can go up and down at will.

    One tip for college use is to use a fire-retardant additive in your first coat of finish and keep proof of doing so or colleges may not allow them. I wish I would have researched this before finish our project.

  24. Josh the Builder February 13, 2013

    Do you have the plans for the bunk bed with the stairs on the side the walnut looking one been looking for plans for one like this to do for my daughters let me know please thank you

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