David’s Mahogany Music Stand

I asked you about a dark mahogany stain a few weeks ago and you suggested I go with Bartley’s Jet Mahogany. Well, I wasn’t able to get the Bartley’s stain in time for Christmas, so I was forced to go with the Polyshades. It didn’t turn out too bad, though it was a very frustrating process. I’ve attached photos of the music stand. The music stand was a gift for my sister Kristina for Christmas. I constructed it out of genuine mahogany. The sheet support spells her initials “KMK”.

The height is fully adjustable using the thumb knob on the back of the hexagon shaft. The “hinge” is constructed out of mahogany and again, using the thumb knobs, can be positioned in any way necessary. This was my first real project. I haven’t built anything quite so complex in the past, so I was excited that it turned out better than I expected. I’m a Civil Engineering designer and I use AutoCad for everything I do. I’m also pretty decent at Sketchup, so I was able to model the stand before attempting to construct it in the real world. It certainly made the hinge aspect of the design function correctly the first time.


  1. That’s pretty damn cool!

  2. Fantastic David! I’m sure your sister was ecstatic. What a great present!

  3. Kris Lauer March 22, 2008

    David, Very Cool! 1st project. I saw the M first and thought it was for MUSIC. I saw the K’s and thought maybe they were just design at first. The color is warm also. Your sister must be very proud of her brother. I am sure she shows this off every chance she gets.
    Great job!

  4. Ron (http://) March 22, 2008

    Wow, really neat. The color looks great. Auto Cad looks invaluable, and maybe someday I can use it like you have. I do like the hinge treatment, and the unique design. Now start turning out some more great work!

  5. Ray Cashman March 23, 2008

    I love it .Your wife no doubt appreciates your efforts, which must have been considerable in order to make such a fine stand.
    I have been telling my wife (a classicalceltic guitarist) that I would build her a wooden music stand (and one for me too-an electric guitar player) but I have been unable to find plans anywhere. Any ideas.
    – Thanks very much.


  6. Balados November 27, 2008

    That is the most wonderful WW piece I have seen. Ten out Ten for you David. Your sister must be the happiest women. Is it possible to share the design. I would like to make one for myself too. Thanks a ton.


    • jHop July 2, 2009

      I played a little music back in high school, so I was fascinated by this piece.

      What I’m happy to see is that the music stand supports sheets of music from full size “traditional” pages, to the quarter size that many marching bands use. (Guess where my high school music experience was?)

      Great job!

  7. Ray Curtis September 23, 2009

    This is a great design. Would you be willing to share the design? I have two stands to make for my grand sons, and after spending an entire evening wandering the Net, I like your base and extension assembly more than any other I have seen. You have done an excellent job of providing a sturdy yet elegant stand with simple lines.

  8. that’s cool looking stand.


  9. Jim Jordan November 14, 2010

    Great job. Love the design!! Would be happy to purchase the plan for
    my project!

  10. Doug Olson December 5, 2010

    Are plans available? Would love to make something similar for my son.

  11. Jim Jordan December 5, 2010

    hello again!

    Retired Music Specialist from UW Madison. The design is beautiful and
    something a musician would actually use and enjoy! My daughter and son would love a stand (s) like this for their homes.

  12. Jaralynn Quick September 15, 2011

    What a beautiful stand. Is there a way to get the plans? I would love to make one for each of my daughters. One plays the cello and one plays the violin.

  13. Hi David,

    Very nice. I would be happy to buy a set of your plans if and when.


    • Karen January 29, 2012

      LOved the music stand, my husband has been asked to make our grandson one. Do you have plans or more pictures??


  14. richard January 28, 2012

    How can i get a plan for this music stand , very nice job looks fab Richard

  15. Jim Jordan January 29, 2012

    Ok, we all love this plan. Communication is a two way avenue…I would hope that the purpose of this blog is to ‘share’ information. Seems many have stated they love the design but how do we move on to sharing the dream? Perhaps someone knows how this plan could be marketed?

    I would hope that the ‘project of the week’ would be an avenue for ‘enabling’… at least a response to requests…even if the response is no??


      Well I can only do so much Jim. This post is 4 years old and I no longer have David’s contact information. If David no longer follows this thread or doesn’t want to respond, I can’t exactly force him to.

      But the music stand looks easy enough to construct. I have no use for one, but I am thinking about making one on the show just based on the number of folks here who are clearly interested.

  16. Jim Jordan January 29, 2012

    You are exactly correct in your evaluation. I wonder if David is alright because he has not responded to the many well deserved praises of his design…he has opened the door of possibilities. There are a number of folks that have responded positively and declared an interest in his design. David’s design is appealing to me as a musician in that it is beautiful and will function as a ‘real’ music stand. Nice size desk that has an adjustable angle for reading music, and vertical adjustments for standing/sitting or short/tall performers. A woodwhisper project! Sounds great. Cannot express how encouraging you are as a teacher and the excellent presentations you provide in your programs and in this blog. You have filled my days, after disability from work, with joy by introducing woodwworking and many friends that go with the art.

  17. Dear David,

    I love this music stand! Are there plans for it. I am hoping to construct a craftsman style Music stand for my home. I would like to build both a table top version as well as a free standing one like yours. Especially one that can adjust. Beautiful work!!

    Tony D. [ Composer for ABC Sports and Film ] Weekend warrior.. ;)

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