Kenny’s Raised Panel Cabinet

After seeing Marc’s Fancy Raised Panel video, I really liked the design on the raised panel doors, something I hadn’t ever seen before. I was intrigued with the use of two timbers sandwiched together to give the beautiful contrasting effect. This is my first ever attempt at any raised panel and I am delighted with the results. I have to say the amount of detail Marc goes into even on these free for all videos is absolutely outstanding, and he definitely influenced and inspired me to give it a go. I decided on using Oak and Poplar as my main timbers as I like the visual contrast these timbers offer side by side. I worked to my own dimensions, and tweaked little bits of the design here and there. The cabinet has not had any finish applied as yet as I’m still looking into the options, but I’m thinking it’ll be an oil finish. Although I am a woodworker as my full time occupation, I would definitely still class myself as a beginner as I’ve only really started to take it seriously since deciding to do it full time a couple of years ago. I am confident my abilities can only get better with the knowledge I gain through Marc and The Wood Whisperer site.

Keep up the excellent work Marc, and all you fellow woodworkers. Your stories, videos, discussions etc are my inspiration. Many thanks.


  1. daniel drabek July 11, 2013

    The woodwork looks flawless from the pictures. With a finish applied, it should only look better. Nice job!

  2. Thanks Daniel. I generally like to keep the natural look and feel of the timber on the majority of my pieces. On this cabinet I opted to go for Osmo’s poly-x satin matt clear finish (4 coats). It’s given the cabinet just a slight sheen and has allowed the natural feeling of the grain to remain.
    The cabinet has also had it’s hardware fitted. Exposed hinges in the style of Rennie Mackintosh, with handles to match. There are photos of the finished cabinet on my website, but if anyone knows of a way I could add further photos to this article then please advise me how to do so.

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