Jordan’s Benchtop Workbench

This project comes from student Jordan Waggoner in Frankfort, IN. Another prize-winning project from the Waggoner family!

Finish Process: Boiled Linseed Oil
Wood Species: Hard Maple and Walnut

This is my first woodworking project. I built it to enter in a student competition. I placed 4th at Regional’s and 6th at International’s with students from around the world. My Inspiration for this project come from an article from issue #176 of Fine Woodworking magazine.

My choice of subject for my bench top work bench was because I wanted something useful that I knew I would use often. My project is basically a miniature work bench. Its purpose is to bring the work your doing up higher for easier accessibility and comfort. I used hard maple for my project because it is traditionally used for workbenches. It is a good hardwood and very strong. Walnut is also a good hardwood and accented the hard maple well.

I used mortise and tenon joints to attach most of my project because they are very strong and durable. I used box joints for the breadboard end to allow for expansion and contraction as the moisture of the wood changes. I used butt joints reinforced with biscuits for alignment and strength. I sanded and scrapped it with cabinet scrappers. I used a natural oil finish because it is best suited for a work bench because it protects the wood while allowing to recoat as wood is worn.


  1. nateswoodworks July 14, 2010

    Congrats, a usefull project and placing in competitions!!

  2. Very nice indeed.

  3. mark williams July 14, 2010

    Nice job, I love the wood combo and the construction is just plain awesome!

  4. Mark July 14, 2010

    This is one talented family.

  5. Eric F July 14, 2010

    Very cool workbench.

  6. nateswoodworks July 31, 2010

    Yep thanks alot, I have not been able to get this out of my head and now I am building one for on top my main bench when I am doing small delicate work. This is good but my list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer…

  7. Larry Clinton June 16, 2012

    I like it!

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