Adam’s Ultimate Miter Station

From: Adam Barnett

Location: West Los Angeles, CA

Amateur or Pro: Amateur

Wood Species: Pre-finished Maple Plywood

Project Description:
I just finished this miter station. It is a copy of Chris Marshall’s in Woodworkers Journal from the June 2010 issue called the “Ultimate Miter Station.” Chris was very helpful when I had questions. It probably should not have been my first cabinet experience, but I learned quite a bit. I think I will be adding some french cleats to the sides. What I liked most is that there is a dust port that extends out the left side from a hidden channel that runs along the back leading to the base of the saw. The cabinet houses a dedicated shop-vac that turns on whenever I turn on the saw.

It is edge-banded with 3/4 inch maple. I left unfinished due to laziness! It sits on 6 casters, 2 of them lockable. The saw sits on a sled that slides back and forth. The shop-vac underneath has one of those cool outlets from Rockler that powers both when you use the saw. I also use the dust collector you can see in the photo to connect to the port on the side of the cabinet.

P.S. the small gash in the drywall above the saw is from table-saw kick-back. Shhh!!!, don’t tell the wife.


  1. pmbard April 4, 2011

    Nice work. Adding this to my “Future Projects” bookmark folder.

  2. Really nicely done. Curious as to how the dust collection works for you.


    • adam April 4, 2011

      The little shop-vac underneath does it’s job pretty well, but everyone knows these things spray the dust. What you can’t see is that there is a hole at the bottom of the saw platform which connects to a chute that comes out the left side. I connect my big vacuum to it every so often for about 2 seconds and it cleans up great. Regardless, dust still gets shot out over the back. If I build a little hood around it, it will be perfect. I’m glad you enjoy, and , thanks everybody…especially you Marc.

      • Stephen C December 21, 2013

        I want to build this project and Marc’s assembly table plans over the christmas break…i am new to woodworking…what type of plywood should i use for the projects? C grade stuff from home depot? A1 grade maple from the local cabinet supplier? I want these to be built to last…but i am on a budget.


          Any stable plywood will work. Even the stuff that doesn’t have an ideal face can be appropriate for a shop project. Just as long as it’s stable. I’d talk to a local hardwood/plywood supplier to see if you can find decent shop-grade stock that is known to stay fairly flat.

  3. Joseph Bert April 4, 2011

    Great job!

  4. Marie April 4, 2011

    Wow, this was my next item on my to do list. Thanks for the info and a very nice job. happy woodworking

  5. Timely post. I’ve got a RAS I need to remove and redo the SCMS station. Thanks!!

  6. Clint April 5, 2011

    Love the work – I have been looking for something like this and think this will make a great project this summer.

  7. Great job! Looks beautiful, and your first cabinet at that!

    The second I saw that saw [sic], I thought “How well does your dust collection work?”. I’ve got the same ridgid miter saw, and each time I use it I tell myself I’m going to build a larger shroud on the dust collection! Something tells me I’ll be thinking that again soon!

  8. Todd April 6, 2011

    Very nice set-up Adam. Your photos are a great inspiration!

  9. Very nice, i like the setup Adam! I don’t have enough room for this kind of setup, but I do like your fence system, that might make it into my shop someday ;).

  10. rick Stewart December 10, 2012

    Good work!
    Every guy needs one of these.

  11. Andy August 25, 2013

    Marc needs to build one of these for his shop!

  12. Ray November 20, 2013

    Nice setup. I think I can use this setup for my Radial Arm Saw. Would it be possible to get the plans for this unit?

  13. This s exactly what I want to make! Is it possible to get the plans for this project?

    Thank you.

  14. Michael Leanes November 2, 2014

    Marc, I have been looking everywhere for the plans to this and the link on Woodworker’s Journal does not seem to be working. I know this was released a few years ago but do you know where I could get the plans for this project?
    Thank you.

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