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The Tilt-Top Table is the latest project from the Wood Whisperer Guild. I thought I’d share a few pictures as well as some details about the build. You can get immediate access to over 4 hours of footage as well as detailed plans dedicated to this project. Join the Guild today!

This tilt-top table was presented in two forms, a classic design inspired by the table Mario Rodriguez built for Fine Woodworking Magazine, and a more modern interpretation designed by my friend Aaron Marshall. Both versions feature pleasing proportions, a turned post, an oval top, and curved/tapered legs. Here are some of the details you might want to know if you decide to purchase this series:

Tools & Materials
– Pre-milled wood kits will be made available!
– Jointer, Planer, Tablesaw, Bandsaw
– Miter Saw, Drill, Router
– Lathe (for a turned post)
– Die Grinder and Rasps (for a sculpted post)

Techniques Demonstrated
– Cutting an ellipse
– Turning a table post
– Creating a “Poor Man’s Lathe” router jig
– Routing sliding dovetails
– Cutting curved/tapered legs
– Designing a tilt mechanism
– Carving an alternative spiral post

ttt-cherry-02 copy ttt-cherry-05 copy ttt-cherry-03 copy ttt-cherry-06 copy

ttt-walnut-02 copy ttt-walnut-05 copy ttt-walnut-04 copy ttt-walnut-03 copy

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  1. Paul D July 8, 2013

    The final table(s) look great Marc! I’ve been resisting the call of the guild up to now, but the blanket chest project sounds right up my alley. Any idea when the next guild build will start?

  2. John Piwaron July 9, 2013

    I love the tables! I just wish they had a pie crust edge on the top.

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