Guild Build Results – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer

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After 30 days of intense building, Wood Whisperer Guild members have finally finished their tables. 67 people participated and thanks to 158 contributors and numerous sponsors, we managed to donate over $8000 to the American Cancer Society!

I would like to thank everyone who donated and participated. And of course I would like to thank Duane Moore, the man who this whole event is dedicated to. I hope you will all join me in wishing Duane the best of luck.

If you still want to donate, we are asking that you simply donate directly to the American Cancer Society.

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for bringing all of this together Marc, and thanks to everyone who participated.

  2. Andre April 8, 2010

    It’s amazing what can happen when a few people who care get together!! Seeing the support this project got, makes me proud to be part of the woodworking community. Good luck Duane, you are (obviously!!) not alone.

  3. Alex April 8, 2010


    All tables are beautiful.
    Great job everyone!

    Big hug.

    Alex from Brazil.

  4. Bill Akins April 8, 2010

    Great video Marc. I was proud to be part of it. I am proud of our wood working brothers and sisters coming together for a great cause. Good luck Duane, you are in all of our prayers.

  5. I’m really impressed at the turnout for this project, and especially for the amount of money raised. Makes me proud just to be a part of it. Best of luck to Duane.

  6. Jerry Weldon April 8, 2010

    Marc,reviewing this site this morning was inspiring to say the least. It is really nice to see how vast the Guild network is and how they all can focus on a great cause. Each time I visit the website I feel like I only scratch the surface of what you make available. Keep inspiring us as we move from wood butchers to woodworking crafters

  7. DerekL April 8, 2010

    Awesome – in the original, not the slang, meaning.

  8. Nathan April 8, 2010

    I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this. Thanks for putting this together Marc, and best wishes to Duane.

  9. Brad April 8, 2010

    Are you going to post those pictures in full resolution? There’s a few I’d love to get a better look at.

  10. Quite the turnout! Random question – it that “Chaing Cars” by Snow Patrol playing throughout the video?

      thewoodwhisperer April 8, 2010

      No but it sure as heck sounds “influenced” by it, lol.

  11. chris k April 8, 2010

    Everyone did such a great job on the tables. Some of the changes are fantastic but all are inspiring. Marc, another great presentation. I want to become a guild member soon.

  12. Great job guys!

  13. So very cool. I like the variations of drawer pulls, awesome. Also nice to have faces with many of the tables. We should strongly encourage more to do that next time if they are able.

    $8000 is so wonderful. Lots of folks made it happen, but Marc created the monster, big ups to TWW. That amount is not a big chunk for an organization like American Cancer Society. But it is worth many times that amount to them I am sure. I serve(d) on a few small non-profits over the years. The big bucks some from foundations and for some government agencies. But those big donors like to see that the organization is not just waiting for the big bucks. They want to see grassroots involvement. Who could be more grass roots than The Guild. Something like this also has great promotional benefit to ACS. Outstanding visuals, nation wide new media involvement and real (very cool) people.

    Cudos to all who put in the time and their hearts into this. I bet Duane is stoked by all of this. Best to you and your lovely family, Duane.

    Rock on all. See you in the shop.

  14. Carolynne April 8, 2010

    Proud to be apart of this. Looking forward to more! Our best to Duane and his family! Thank you so much Marc. Love the follow up prises!

  15. Vic April 8, 2010

    Congratulations to all who participated and big applause to you Marc, for pulling this all together. I know I SUCK for not finishing. I will when I can get back into the shop.
    Duane, you must have a very good energy about you to inspire such great things. I wish you and yours the best.

  16. Duane April 8, 2010

    Hi to all and a special thanks to Marc.

    While tearing up and wishing the excitment from this build and gesture was not ending I hope our gesture and donations reaches out to a family in need or even better finds a cure!

    I know personally that I have been lifted by this in so many ways I could never explain it to you. I am not good with words and I know I could never express how this has made me feel and helped my family in such a time of need and support. The great fellow woodworkers have been so kind and shown how great people are nothing like the crapwe see on TV. To my fellow FRIENDS and woodworkers I love and thank you from the bottom of my heart and to you Mr. Marc and your terrific wife Nicole always remember the only things you save are the things you give away! Cancer will never rob my family of this event nor can it take it from my heart. When my final days are at an end just think of the terrific memories I will have from this to take with me. God Bless and I love all of you Duane.

  17. Michael April 9, 2010

    I just wanted to say that this is a great thing that you are doing. Keep up the good work.

  18. Michael Davis April 9, 2010

    I just wanted to say that this is a great thing that you are doing foe the american cancer society. Keep up the good work.

  19. Dan April 9, 2010

    This is what America is about. Good people coming together to help others in their own way. Marc, you are truely a good person and a great friend to Duane. Your efforts are applauded. To all that participated you deserve more than the great feeling of being able to help someone, Duane in this case. I may not be part of the guild at this point but that did not stop me from helping by donating some money directly to the American Cancer Society. This is a great site with great people participating.

    Semper Fi


  20. Noddi April 9, 2010

    Hi Marc,

    great pictures!

    Do you know the name/band from the song?

    Have fun


      thewoodwhisperer April 11, 2010

      Unfortunately i don’t know who the artist is. Its royalty-free stuff that comes with Final Cut Studio.

  21. Lone_Wolf April 9, 2010


    Thank you for leading this charge. Yes, you have created a monster, but what a wonderful monstrosity it could be. The sky is the limit. Everyone has had or will have cancer impact their lives. This will touch more than we shall ever know.

    I just wanted to say thank you to all who contibuted to this build. Without knowing it, we have created more than sawdust. We have created a little more faith in the inherent goodness of our fellow man. Each and everyone should feel a deep sense of pride.

    God bless,


  22. John Elliott April 9, 2010

    That’s fantastic! I am a cancer survivor and I know the struggle people go through when you are told you have the “c” word. I thank you all for your help in this fight!

  23. Jeff Madre April 9, 2010

    Marc, this has been a great experience. When I submitted my photo I related to you how many woodworking ‘firsts’ were experienced during this project. Thank you for the opportunity to grow.

    Duane, at times during this project I would be anxious about performing some woodworking procedure, but I knew I had a great group of people that I could lean on for support. During one of those times, I had an epiphany and realized how much more the project must mean to you and your family.

    Please know that we are all hoping for the best outcome for you. You and your family have our support and our prayers.

  24. Mattias in Durham, NC April 9, 2010

    Marc, thanks for putting this together (concept, build, videos). It was interesting to see some faces (and tables) with the names, too. I wasn’t able to participate this time, but definitely want to do so on the future.

  25. Dean from Aurora, IL April 9, 2010

    Great to see all different types of people coming together, especially for a great cause like this!!!

  26. Congrats Marc for doing so well with the fundraiser and bringing attention to this cause.

    Also congrats on write-ups that you have received. They are well deserved and have certainly moved a lot of people.

    It is great to see you using your platform to help others.

    You are “Sharing the Love ~ Sharing the Knowledge & Helping Others.”

    Awesome stuff…

  27. Shawn Nichols April 10, 2010

    Powerful stuff folks. I’m so glad to be part of this. Thanks for the inspiration Duane. Thoughtful prayers and good vibes to you and your family.

  28. Greg April 13, 2010

    How can we donate to Duane’s family? Are you going to entertain helping him out in some method? I know you have visited him to assist in his workload and instruct him, but I felt he may need some finances or perhaps his immediate family needs help.

    Once again great work Marc. You never cease to amaze your viewers.

      thewoodwhisperer April 13, 2010

      We’ll have to check with Duane himself on that one Greg. Maybe they have a Paypal account set up or something.

  29. Jay April 25, 2012

    Very touching. Very cool. Very sobering. Very impressive. That goes to the whole group of you.

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