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Here is my review of the DeWalt Tracksaw, FINALLY! As much as I tried to focus solely on the Track saw, its nearly impossible not to draw comparisons to the Festool TS line of plunge saws. Let me sum it all up by saying you need to be really picky to find distinctions that will make a real difference to the average woodworker. If you are trying to make a decision between these two saws, you will probably need to look at bigger picture things like price, system approach, warranty, and interoperability with other tools. But if you are looking for a saw that makes extremely safe and clean cuts with good dust collection, either saw will fit the bill.

Here are a few other reviews and comparisons that you might want to check out:
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  1. TJ71 February 13, 2009

    Hi Marc,

    Well done on the review, i usually spend a lot of time reading reviews and lurking in forums before i go out and buy something, having said that, video reviews of tools? i think i could watch them all day :), and have you seen or heard anything about the Makita clone? SP6000K?


      Not yet. I’ll let you know if I do.

      • lee palmer February 14, 2009

        hi Marc,
        i have the makita version of the plunge saw with two track’s the 1.4 m & 3 m, this was bought together with the plunge saw for i think around

        • lee palmer February 14, 2009

          i forgot to mention i use my makita track saw to hang doors if there is a lot of material to remove to fit a door to a very bad lining (not one that i have fitted) sod planing the door, use the track saw to remove the bulk of the material, then a light pass with a hand plane to sweeten the edge of the door, removing the saw marks, well time is money, kind regards, lee

  2. Ummm .. wrong link for the High Res video ?

    By the way, my girlfriend just give me this for my birthday:



  3. spwiz5578 February 13, 2009

    Another good one, Marc.

    I’m glad you did it the way you did. With Festool being very established in this area, I think it’s important to compare the 2 directly. Especially given the price they’re asking for that Dewalt.

  4. shively65 February 13, 2009


    Hey just a few things that might be worth mentioning. DeWALT does offer a cordless option that festool does not. Also they do have a universal router base that doesn’t require you to be one branded. Also it’s pretty new to the market so chances are good that new accessories will become available in the future. All things said though nice review-as usual.

  5. Zac February 13, 2009

    Thanks for being honest about being biased. That’s rare in this day and age. Both look like great tools. Would you recommend getting one of these tools in place of a contractor grade table saw?


      Really depends on the type of work you do. If you process a lot of sheetgoods, you could very well do without the tablesaw. But I tend to do a large variety of things with my tablesaw, including numerous joinery operations, and I wouldn’t be comfortable trying to pull that off with a tracksaw system.

  6. Tim TAN February 13, 2009

    Hi Marc :

    thanks for the informative video.

    Your view on having to look at the big picture is right on. It is obvious that what Festool brings to the table is a well-thought-out system of tools and accessories that work together in a seamless manner. This is something that its competitors have yet to demonstrate in the marketplace.

    However, given the impact that Festool has made thus far, I’m sure that they are fervently working on that as we speak.

    Till then, Festool will continue to increase customer awareness in the marketplace, and their presence can only get more pervasive anyway.

    Of course, there will eventually come a time when the competition comes up with a similar system / tool interoperability offering. However, I think that unless that offering is lower in cost and perhaps superior in performance, users (new and current) will be reluctant to switch platforms.

    As an owner of a TS75 today, I’ll just continue along my merry path of building up my Festool portfolio (if and when I have the cash to do so! :-))

    Lastly, I just found out that in Europe, it is common practice for cabinetmakers / remodellers to do the construction of cabinets and built-ins on-site; as opposed to building in a shop and then delivering the full blown products for installation. No wonder portability and field deployability of its tool systems are 2 things are Festool continues to shout about.

    Tim TAN

    P.S. : by the way, I am not a marketeer, just a geeky engineer who likes to cut wood.

  7. runningwood February 13, 2009

    Once again another great video and review. I have a question from someone who has never used a tracksaw. Can you tell us about the clamping of the track to the workpiece. It seems that the Dewalt model has very little room for a clamp as the saw takes up the whole width of the track.


      Hey David. The clamps actually hook into the track from below. So when clamping, you never have to worry about the clamp getting in the way. And fortunately, I rarely, if ever, use a clamp with either system.

  8. herb fellows February 13, 2009

    Really good review. I apppreciate the honesty with which you approached it. Quite honestly, if the review came out with the Festool leaps and bounds ahead, I would have definitely been suspect. Very even handed, therefore very reliable.

  9. herb fellows February 13, 2009

    FYI, regarding tearout on the offcut piece, ,I found this on another forum:

    Dewalt rep recommended doing a very shallow scoring cut first, then a through cut if tearout on the offcut piece is problematic

    ONe guy tried it and reported that this method worked better ON HIS FESTOOL than the zero clearance ‘green thingy’. Anecdotal, of course, but interesting anyway.

  10. Marty February 13, 2009

    Hey Marc, nice review. I appreciate your real world advice. 99% of woodworkers I know want to know if the tools does what the manufacturers say it’s going to do and what, if any are the differences with other similar products.
    The DeWalt saw looks like a great tool but you didn’t mention the one thing that would have really made it stand out, the price. I was very disappointed in DeWalt’s pricing for this saw, it’s within range of the Festool which is already a great saw. Why would I buy a saw that costs the same when there is already a saw out there with a proven track record and, according to Mr. Woodwhisperer himself, makes a superior cut?

  11. Griptruk February 13, 2009

    Nice review, especially the part that I consider to be a spoof of Wayne’s World when Garth has all the Reebok stuff on, hehe.

    Truthfully though, when will someone make one of these that is made for RIGHTIES? I have a TS 55 and I see the Dewalt is the same in that it is seemingly made for Lefties. The saw is made so the track is on the workpiece and the cut off is outside the track, now, usually you are cutting a small piece off of a bigger piece, so it is usually more comfortable and sensible to stand on the cut-off side, and the direction of travel of these saws make it so you really need to operate them with your LEFT hand.

    This is very well illustrated at 10 minutes into the video, you can see that it is a little awkward, and that he is forced to use his left hand.
    Also the way Marc refers to going half way into a long cut and then pulling back, that has to be due to his desire to try to use his right hand but not being able to reach far enough. If these saws we exact mirror images they’d be perfect.

    Who’s with me???


  12. Tim TAN February 13, 2009

    HI Marty :

    well said. Festool has 2 things going for it.

    a) good tools that are impressive in their own right (the Domino, track saw, their line of routers, MFT, dust extractors)
    b) tools that inter-operate as a system

    Dewalt has managed to achieve (a) with the introduction of their track saw. (b) is a lot harder to achieve, as it requires the availability of an existing portfolio of tools and inter-working accessories.

    Add the fact that pricing is similar, it does not make too much sense either for either a current Festool user or even a new track saw user to buy the Dewalt.

    However, Dewalt, having been a US player for longer, does have a much larger distribution network, and stronger vendor-customer relationships, so their track saw product might work for the larger customers.

    Hobbyists just occupy a small portion of their customer space anyway.

    It will be interesting to see how this product will compete…

    Tim TAN

  13. Chris (http://tool-rank.com) February 13, 2009

    Great Video. One question though, how did you acquire the DeWalt saw? Did DeWalt give it to you, lone it to you, or did you buy it?

    I guess your sponsorship with Festool doesn’t prevent you from using competitors tools which I think is great.



      The saw was actually given to me. If it was a loaner, they haven’t asked for it back yet.

      And although I have the tool in the shop, don’t count on seeing it in an episode of the show any time soon. :) Its certainly a capable saw, and I tried to be as “fair” as possible in my presentation. But I definitely have a strong personal preference for the Festool system.

      • Chris (http://tool-rank.com) February 13, 2009

        Your review seemed fair. I’m just surprised they would give you the saw knowing you are sponsored buy Festool; seems risky for them.

        So can we look forward to seeing the DeWalt Track saw in a future Wood Whisperer Giveaway? :D

      • Byron February 18, 2009

        I think the DeWalt should be in the next giveaway! I am a loyal DeWalt Customer and would love to have a chance of adding that to my vast collection of yellow items lol

  14. Nice job Marc. Thank you for demonstrating the 45 degree cuts on both saws. My TS75 is great but I found it to be unstable on the track guide making bevel cuts. Interesting that it looks like the Dewalt is too and I noticed you steadied both saws on the track with your left hand on the base. I’ll try that next time, but it would be great if the manufacturers could come up with a mechanism to lock the base onto the track to keep it from tipping.

  15. Nolan February 13, 2009

    Is that a pink feather boa in the background of the intro?

  16. Jose Salazar February 14, 2009

    Just a heads up! Dewalt has come out with a router attachment that can be used with the tracksaw track. The attachment works with both Dewalt routers and Porter Cable routers. I understand your point about maybe looking toward the Festool line if you are building your tool collection. But, if you are like me and already have several other brands of tools like Porter Cable routers you may lean toward the Dewalt. A tool that plays well within it’s own family is great but a tool that is versatile enough to play well with several brands may also have to be a consideration.

    • TJ71 February 15, 2009

      The Dewalt demo guy in TWW Episode 61 about 10:20s into the vid talks and shows the router attachment. (yes ive watched them all :) )

  17. Great timing on this video. I always thought these track saws were better left to the domain of the contractors. But I am currently building a slant-front secretary, and am stuck trying to cut the angled sides. The panels are just too tall for my SCMS or TS miter gauge. But with a plunge saw track clamped to the work piece on the right angle, I could easily solve that problem. I just hope my wife understands this dilemma as clearly as I do!

  18. Bruce Soemrs February 14, 2009


    I think the pink boa goes well with the stylish coffee mug. Are you going to do a demo on the boa next? Just kidding. Great review, even handed and the disclaimer humorous yet honest. No wonder we keep coming bact to TWW for knowledge and entertainment.

  19. dustman February 14, 2009

    I liked the review and I would like to have either saw. I do have a few questions. You go to some leangth to compare the cuts made by both saw on same track. This compares the saws, but not the tracks. What makes a track better than a streight edge (wood or metal)? Why would you get a cleaner cut with a track than with a streight edge? Is there something inherently better about a track? Would a standard circuolar saw with a good blade give you just as good a cut? As you can see, your review was very thought provocking.


      There are two things that make the track better than a straight edge. First, the track has a zero clearance strip at the bottom. The blade cuts through this strip on the first fun and provides a nice clean and splinter-free cut. Also, a track stops the saw from drifting and keeps it moving along a perfectly straight line. With a standard saw and straight edge, the saw has a tendency to pull away from the straight edge and you have to continually apply pressure toward the straightedge. And finally, because the saw rides so smooth with so little vibration, the cut quality is really tablesaw quality.

  20. Russ (http://www.ibab.org) February 14, 2009

    Marc, I’m wondering if you did the cut quality comparisons using the same kind of blade in each saw. If not, then wouldn’t the results depend as much or more on the blade as on the saw itself?


      The tests were done using the stock blades provided by the manufacturer. If one company supplies a smoother-cutting blade with their saw, that would certainly be something to keep in mind with your purchase since that last thing you want to do with a brand new saw is spend another $80 on a high quality blade.

      From what I recall, the DeWalt runs a 48 tooth ATB blade. Since I used the TS75 for comparison, I was running a 36 tooth ATB blade. Conventional wisdom would dictate that the 48 tooth blade would cut smoother (all things being equal). So the fact the Festool blade with only 36 teeth cut smoother than the DeWalt at 48 teeth, is at least something to think about. Again, I am the first to admit my lack of in-depth details in my “review”. What’s the bottom line? The Festool cut was smoother.

  21. WiZeR February 15, 2009


    Great review Marc. For me, it confirmed my decision. I don’t want a tracksaw! ;) The EZ Smart system is more than enough to knock down plywood for me and has the same quality of cut. So I’m glad I didn’t splash out on Festool or DeWalt.

  22. Ken F February 16, 2009

    I think i will wait for the next DeWalt release.

    P.S My wife seen the video she said that your
    “Mug looks masculine” I had to point out that
    You were talking about the coffee cup.

  23. PMR February 18, 2009

    Marc, another great video/review. You say your bias??? If that is the case you give one of the most unbiased opinions IĆ¢

  24. mbole February 23, 2009

    Hi, nice review.
    There are some new kids in the block, and DeWalt isn’t only one.
    I’m not sure is this on USA market now, but if it is, I’m sure it deserve review (it is on market in Europe):
    I see at least one thing that is done better compared to both TS and DeWalt. Changing blade is much easier if you can open the case

    They also have some other nice products, like flexible guide rail, or portable panel saw system

    By the way. As I look you ripping the board, I finally figured what is this that bothers me every time I use my saw.
    All saws are made for lefthanders!
    Imagine if saw is mirrored. Then you will be able to cut in natural position, with material on your right side, and your right hand on the saw.

    • Jeff Bowman February 27, 2009

      Reply to Mbole: I suggest the manufactures make the front handle adjustable from left to right: spring loaded flip over, or screw in a threaded end of the handle?????

  25. tfale May 20, 2009

    Hey Marc:

    This one was really helpful (Actually, they all are!). I’ve been considering purchasing one of the track saws. Festool was the only one I was aware of. However, I’ve had great luck with my Dewalt circular saw (a real workhorse). I think I’ll check this one out! Keep up the great work. tf

  26. allen October 8, 2009

    hello, do you have a video download option, I teach high school woodworking, would love to show how to videos to students but filters block your site, thanks

      thewoodwhisperer October 8, 2009

      Hi Allen. All of our videos are downloadable via the download links right above the video player.

  27. james moreland October 9, 2009

    Hey mark thanks for the great review.I like the way full discloser was played out.I think you may have missed an important part of the review.The fact (as far as I could tell)that dewalt has a 102” track and festool does not.In the “big picture” as you put it that would be very important to me.But as I said I could be wrong,I only looked at festool’s web page for a minute,and might have missed it.Thanks for the great videos and web site.

      thewoodwhisperer October 9, 2009

      Festool actually makes their track in all kinds of sizes: http://www.festoolusa.com/products/guide-rails

      Thanks for watching man and I appreciate the kind words.

      • james moreland October 9, 2009

        I stand corrected.thanks for the fast reponse.always nice to know that you do read these things.

  28. I’d love to see you give review of the EZ-Smart guide rail system in comparison with these two guide saws.

  29. it took me a while to get used to, but my dewalt track saw has really grown on me.

  30. Simon October 27, 2009

    How is the dust control on the dewalt compared to the festool. I’m actually looking into both of these right now, but the plunge capacity has me siding with the festool.

      thewoodwhisperer October 27, 2009

      Pretty comparable Simon. But if you are planning on getting any other Festool products in the future, I think you are far better off staying in the Festool family. That way your dust collection is easily adaptable. And not to mention, it seems like the engineers at Festool have dust collection on their minds from day 1, across their entire tool line.

  31. steve December 26, 2009


    I’ve read that the Dewalt is compatible with the Festool track; have you tried this yet, if so what was your experience? You concluded with comments on the benefits of the Festool system; if one were able to purchase a DW at a discounted price and use it with the Festool System it would seem to be a win win situation, right? Thanks!

      thewoodwhisperer December 26, 2009

      Well, I haven’t tested it thoroughly or anything, but the DeWalt does fit the Festool track. And most folks who already have several Festool components, I imagine, would also go for the TS55 or TS75. But if you could get the DeWalt really cheap, and you happen to have Festool components, that would certainly be a viable way to go.

  32. Arturas December 26, 2009

    Hi Marc,

    Nice review. I like Festool a lot :) and although they are a bit pricey, I own more than few from their range. My wife sometimes says that for this much money they ought to do job on their own :). I must say that I’m not a big DeWalt fan and although my first cordless drill-driver was DeWalt I never, for some reason, bought anything else from their range. Not that they a bad quality, it’s just not my cup of tea :). But there is one thing that I noticed were DeWalt might have an advantage is if you need to trim the bottom of a door without taking them off the frame. If you clamp a track to a door you can get very close to the floor with DeWalt saw, but not with a Festool. The reason is an extractor, which on a Festool plunge saw protrudes to much on one side to allow you to get close to a floor level. Not that it will matter a lot to many of us, but it might be convenient at times. Thank you for sharing all your tricks and knowledge with us. I really learned a lot.

  33. John Ingram March 11, 2010

    You might have discussed the pricing on these two tools.
    It would have made the “unbiased” review complete.

      thewoodwhisperer March 11, 2010

      At the time, I believe the DeWalt was just a bit more expensive than the Festool. Things have changed since then and I believe the DeWalt has come down in price. That’s the problem with discussing pricing in reviews. Its only relevant as long as the pricing doesn’t change, :).

      • John Ingram March 12, 2010

        OK -I took a quick look at the two machines online (I own the Dewalt – big surprise huh?) and I guess I did not realize they were so close in price. I had visited a Portland Oregon shop that is a Festool dealer and it appeared to me at the time that Festool was twice the cost across the board on almost all of their tools.

        It could have been just before I had to swallow the fact that if I wanted one of these saws, I would have to put out about $700.00. I finally did and love it and I am sure I would have been just as happy with the Festool.

        Anyway – thanks for the reply and keep up the great work. //ji

  34. Adam July 14, 2010

    My only gripe is the blades used in this review for cut comparison. This is a brand new, out of the box Dewalt with stock blade. Where you’ve been using this Festool saw for some time, and I really doubt the blade is the stock blade. To me, this could possibly make the difference when it comes to how clean the cuts are. I’d like to see a review with the two saws using the same blade for the same cut and compared.

    I think upgrading the blade on the Dewalt would put it on par with if better than the Festool’s cut.

      thewoodwhisperer July 14, 2010

      Hey Adam. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think I ever stated that the blade in the Festool was used. If I remember correctly, that was a brand new “out of the box” TS75 with a stock blade. So it was indeed an apples to apples comparison.

  35. Quentyn July 28, 2010

    I am in the market for a track saw. I just don’t see myself spending anywhere near “Festool” money for a DeWalt saw. The best price I could find on the Dewalt was about $415. The Festool is $450. $35 difference, not even 10% … Where is the Dewalt saw made? China? Taiwan? I just don’t see myself spending comparable money vs. something made in Germany by a company like Festool.

    I read above that the Makita was $125 less, but the only thing I could find for that price was the saw by itself, no rail.

    Time to rearrange the tool budget :)

  36. Neel November 30, 2010

    Hi Marc,
    I am looking for a punge saw and track. What do you think of the Festool Vs Mafell? I know its more money but it seems to have a few nice features compared to the Festool.
    Plus would you go for a single trck or a two piece?


      To be honest, I have no knowledge of the Mafell units. Sorry Neel. As for the tracks, two separate tracks is the more practical way to go. But if money isn’t a major restriction I’d prefer to have one long track and one shorter track.

  37. Incredibly well done review .. thanks for your superb efforts. Your comments as to competiton have certainly been borne out, as I found the DeWalt with both tracks on Amazon for $354.98 today. For me, a tracksaw is a very attractive alternative, to taking up the space for a full sized table saw in my tractor shed. A couple of sawhorses .. sheet of styro .. plunge router and workstops .. wahla.

    Yours has been my first stop .. time very well spent. Thanks again … and Kudos

  38. My apologies .. too many windows opened .. correct to $459.99 as of 12/04

  39. OK … get a sander or jig-saw from dewalt .. expires 12/31/10


    Interestingly .. there is ZIP about this bonus offer on the official DeWalt website ..nada. Worth 60 or 70 bucks I guese.

  40. I really enjoy your website. You do a great job of communicating in your reviews and also the how to portions of your website.

  41. Jonas V May 16, 2011

    One thing that I like with the Festool universial saw blade (W48) is its durability. I have cut plaster boards, slate tiles, minerit boards and aluminium (and by accident some screws). And it is still the same splinter free cuts, but I usally cut MDF och plywood.

    I had 3pcs of guide rails in the same length (1400mm), attached one cross another (90 degree) and cut it in half. Convenient with to shorter ones (798mm and 600mm).

    So even if you buy a DeWalt track saw, if the Festool saw blades fit, buy one, they are worth the extra buck.

    Thanks for a good website!!!

  42. Claudinei Braz May 29, 2011

    hi, I live in Brazil and here has this saw from Dewalt, which is a shame because a lot missing.
    I used google translator to understand what they comment on the saw, and after the completion of which you, the DeWalt is better or not? :)

  43. Claudinei Braz May 29, 2011

    When I see the machines that you have in your country, I am amazed. I love working with wood and this is very difficult machines to facilitate the work. grateful for your response. I hope to bring some machines for the Brazilian…

  44. Claudinei Braz June 3, 2011

    Hello, Answer me one thing.
    The frestool cuts and MDF wood, not leaving those corners brittle?

  45. Claudinei Braz June 4, 2011

    I found a representation in Brazil by Festool. I think going to buy here encrivel this machine. Thank you very much

  46. Adrian June 5, 2011

    Good Day,

    Did you notice if the saw had a grinding or vibration to it when in operation. I bought my Dewalt from Amazon and when I started it, it felt like something was wrong with the bearing or bushing. I took off the blade and ran it. The grinding/vibration noise and feel went away. Took of the housing and ran the saw with a new blade and still had the same issue. I saw on other posts that some people had this issue. I was just wondering if this should be expected from this type of saw. I sent mine back to Amazon for a replacement. The saw cut through plywood great though even with the issue. However it feels as though something is wrong with the noise and vibration with this saw.

  47. Hi Marc

    I was just wondering if you are planning a update on this review, it’s been 2 year. Also who all now make track saws.

    Kind Regards


  48. Steve Smith September 23, 2011

    Thanks for the review. use of the metric system really has me leaning towards Dewalt.

  49. Robert Fillier October 10, 2011

    Hi Marc, Great review. Just wondering if you received a reply back from Adrian or Dewalt (Adrian, June 5 comment). on the saw and the grinding noise. I have the same noise from my saw (new saw), it sounds like ice in a blender at start up and on cuts. I currently have it in the repair shop. The technician did not like the sound from it and was not sure if it was normal or not. He said it sounds like gear wash. There was not a big amount of play in the blade when he moved it around. He will have a better look at it this week and get back to me. Looking for some info. on the Internet about this and other people have experience the same sound and returned the saw for a replacement. Any info. from anyone on what causes the noise will be appreciated. thanks Robert

  50. Adrian October 10, 2011

    Hi Robert,

    In response to your last post, I replaced the saw the same month. The replacement saw sounds a lot better, the original “ice in a blender” sound is slightly noticeable, however this has never gotten worse and is most likely the normal sound of this saw, but it is considerably less than the saw originally purchased. The saw works great.

    I have one question for Marc, how close is the riving knife supposed to be to the blade and is there a chance for it to be caught on the blade? Thanks.


      I would imagine the manufacturer has an “ideal” setting published somewhere. But generally speaking, I think the riving knife could be as much as 1/4″ away from the blade and still be effective. But I usually like to have it a little closer than that. And if set up properly, there should be no risk of having the blade make contact with the knife.

  51. Greg Smith October 25, 2011

    I am in the market for a track saw. Your video was easy to watch, and very helpful in terms of helping me to decide which way to go. Well done, and thank you.

  52. johannes rygh December 14, 2011

    Thank you for a neutral test. I have a Dewalt and im very happy with it. I bought it for two reasons; One it had to be tough- I would be able to cut metals with it. And two its cheaper.
    Im using it for a variety of materials: Wood, MDF, Aluminium AND STEEL :-)
    I found out that PANASONIC actually has blades that cut steel and has a diameter of 165mm- the same as the dewalt track saw. Its nice to be able to cut thick steel beams precise without special tools.

  53. I have contemplated between the dealt and the Makita track saw. Festoon was way out out of my price range. I ended up getting the Makita one on a deal at internationaltools.com. Have not hade a chance to use it yet but will post a update as soon as I have. I arrived last week just before I hade to depart to the lovely below freezing Flagstaff AZ, must say the snow is nice now and then.

  54. Jon M. January 25, 2012


    I both enjoy and find your reports educational. A follow on question regarding the DeWalt track. Several reviewers were critical of the sturdiness of the DeWalt track. What is your opinion on this? I’m interested in using the DW tracksaw in the shop. (I’m not a pro carpenter)

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you. Regards, Jon M.


      I don’t really have any feedback on that. I only used the saw for a limited time for the review and haven’t really put it through long-term testing. During my tests though, I saw nothing that indicated the track would be a problem in any way.

  55. Adrian March 25, 2012

    Hey Mark.. I have a question. I have the dewalt track saw ad Ive been thinking about getting a festool dust extractor. Did you say that the dewalt saw fits the festool hose without an adapter?? Were you using the 27mm or the 36mm festool hose??

    Thanks so much. Love all that you do for the woodworking community. Keep up the good work.



      Hey Adrian. Thanks for the kind words. I don’t think I mentioned the dust collection in the video and I honestly don’t know for sure. The DeWalt is listed at 1 1/4″ so it looks like you might need some sort of adapter/reducer to get the job done.

  56. Adrian March 27, 2012

    LOL….I actually use cardboard toilet paper rolls, cut it and use electrical tape to make a good enough adapter for my ShopVac. Works pretty well.

    This is from the previous Adrian post, not the latest, however I echo Adrian’s sentiments. Great job on all the videos, education and safety tips.

  57. Jim November 8, 2012

    Get review!

    Hey if you don’t use the DeWalt… can I have it? They gave it to you and you can just give it to me ;)

    One thing to remember for those of you comparing just the saw prices- dust collection has a cost as well if you don’t own it already.

  58. Paul D January 5, 2013

    I like your big picture on the background. You kinda look like Manu Ginobili :)

    By the way, good review.

  59. Brian March 4, 2013

    Marc, you mention lubricating the guide rail as well as the bottom on of saw…what would you recommend using?

  60. Victor May 6, 2013

    Hi Marc. Thank you for a thoughtful review. One thing I noticed at 11:46 of the video is the depth scale. It seems to be non linear (as it should be). Is it true, or is it just a picture distortion? Spaces between tick marks decrease towards the end of the scale giving you accurate blade depth measurement (which is not linearly related to the tilt of the motor). This in contrast with Festool saw, where 0 and 55(75) mm are actual depths and everything in between is approximation with deviation of up to 2 mm.


      I honestly don’t know Victor. I no longer have the saw in my possession so I can’t check for you. I didn’t notice a non-regular depth scale but I honestly didn’t pay that much attention. I don’t really utilize the depth scale in my work so it’s something I would easily overlook.

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