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In the past, I have worked mostly for two general contractors doing finish carpentry, though I worked four months in a large commercial cabinet shop. This past year, I’ve been working for a custom cabinet shop. I am fairly new to actual woodworking, having done very few projects with true joinery. This is my shop.

I opted for a workbench design by Ron Paulk, mostly because it’s portable for on-site use, and it serves as an extended table saw outfeed and router table. The workbench itself is made entirely of 1/2″ maple plywood. Soon, I intend on making a cross cut jig he designed for the Festool track saw, as well as his design for a miter saw stand. I re-purposed two solid-core doors for a more solid workbench for heavier work.

The table saw is Dewalt’s 26″ portable contractor version, though for most ripping/crosscutting, I use the Festool 55 tracksaw. Presently, I use a Dewalt 12″ double bevel miter saw with default stand and I have a Porter Cable’s benchtop jointer (or the tracksaw for edges) and Dewalt’s 13″ thickness planer.

I have a selection of Bosch, Dewalt and Porter Cable routers. The Dewalt plunge palm router being my first choice. The drill press is a low-end benchtop version. For drills, I have a selection of Bosch, Dewalt and Milwaukee. For quick joinery, I have a Dewalt biscuit joiner, Freud doweller and a Kreg pocket screw jig. For finishing, I have an Earlex 5500 spray station.

I use a Dewalt auto-start vacuum hooked up to the tool in use for dust collection, as well as a Rigid vacuum for general clean up.

The band saw, scroll saw and other older tools on display in the second photo belonged to my grandpas. One was a finishing carpenter and the other was a farmer whose winter hobby was woodworking.


  1. Eric Rusch Sr August 22, 2013

    Good luck to you in your new shop.
    I hope you get a lot of business.

  2. Thomas G. Kaiser August 22, 2013

    I can see you like Dewalt a lot. Nice lay out/assembly table, and I like the way you have everything ready to go.

    • thankyou. ha, i do like dewalt. & i’m too poor for festool. i’m liking Paulk’s design for the assembly table. only backfall is it’s also my table saw outfeed and secondary router table. but that’s also an advantage for onsite work.

  3. Ken Goodell August 23, 2013

    Lot of yellow there. LOL I like Dewalt my-own-self. The only Festool I own my wife gave me for Christmas last year.

  4. JohnT August 24, 2013

    Just out of curiosity, what did you build your tool cabinets out of? They look nice. I also like how you have your table saw set up.

    • some veneered particle board, some miscellaneous melamine (mostly hardrock maple and white), and some mdf. different laminates cover some of the melamine and mdf cabinets. basically, whatever i could get free from work.

      thanks, it’s set-up with just enough space to rip 4×8’s without opening the garage door or moving anything.

      • Bill Hunt August 25, 2013

        Really like the efficiency of space (I won’t let my wife see how much better than my setup!). Question: what are the ‘sticks’ facing the stairs? drying rack?

  5. Bob Landel August 25, 2013

    Luke, love your lay out. Your work table (router/table saw combo) is a dream. Well done! Don’t mean to be negative, the chipped board works for me only as a sub floor. Sorry!

  6. Dave Stanton August 31, 2013

    Nice job Luke. I am also a fan of Ron’s.

  7. HD December 8, 2013

    What’s Mastercraft? I saw the term on your compressor? Never heard of the company before.

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