What’s the Most You’ve Spent on a Single Tool?

Poll - August 12, 2013

Tools can be quite expensive, especially if you buy them new or you just happen to have a thing for premium quality. While in every category there are always less expensive options available, the high end will put a serious dent in your credit card. The 20″ helical head planer pictured left costs about $4300. Powermatic is definitely a high quality brand, but they aren’t even close to the most expensive on the market!

And if you’re a hand tool user, you aren’t exempt from this question. I have seen products from companies like Bridge City Toolworks and Sauer & Steiner that make my wallet quiver in fear.

So we are curious, what’s the most you’ve ever spent on a single tool purchase?

For my international viewers, the values are in U.S. Dollars. To convert your currency to USD, visit this Universal Currency Converter.

This poll was created by Tom Iovino of TomsWorkbench.com.

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