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Woodworking Resources

The Wood Database
Dust Collection Myths
Wood Toxicity Chart
Woodworking Books in the Public Domain
Exotic Wood Identification
Botanical Index

Woodworking Calculators / Online Tools

The Woodshop Widget – Board feet, shellac dilutions, wood movement, and more!
The Sagulator – Figure out how much a shelf will sag!
Wood Finish Selector – Can’t decide on a finish?
Drawer Sizer – Size drawers in pleasing proportions!
Compound Angle Calculator
Estimate Wizard
Workshop Planner

Woodworking Schools

David J Marks Woodworking Classes (Santa Rosa, CA)
The William Ng School (Anaheim, CA)
Acanthus Workshop (Pottstown, PA)
Chidwick School of Fine Woodworking (Stevensville, MT)
Kelly Mehler’s School of Woodworking (Berea, KY)


Wood Talk Online Forum
Family Woodworking Forum
Woodworking Talk Forum Forum
The Router Forums
The Wood Haven
CNC Shark Talk

Online Lumber Resources

Bell Forest Products
C.R. Muterspaw

Other Stuff

Leave an iTunes Review
A collection of shirts Marc has worn on the show

Get the Apps!

The Wood Whisperer App– Keep up with The Wood Whisperer on the go!
The WoodShop Widget – Calculators for board feet, shellac, wood movement, and much more!

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