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Every month, we have various woodworking items up for grabs, including tools, accessories, and DVDs. The random drawings occur at the end of each month and the winners will be announced on our website. Due to region & giveaway restrictions, only US & Canada are eligible for the giveaway (more details below in FAQ)

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How to Enter!

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. If you take advantage of every option, you’ll get as many as fourteen entries! If you don’t see the widget below, you can also try the mobile version that lives on Facebook. If you are on a desktop computer and don’t see the widget, try the following: clear your cache, turn off pop-up blockers, turn off ad-blocking plugins, and/or try a different browser.

What’s up for grabs this month!

The Wood Whisperer May Giveaway

Sys_Port_500_Systainer_Storage_Cabinet_491921_SYS-PORT_500_Systainer_Storage_Cabinet_491921_-_Festool_Power_Tools Festool 2x SysPort 500 + Assorted Systainers – Organization made easy. Re-designed for easier access and faster connection, the new T-LOC is the next evolution of Systainer. The T-LOC (Lock, Open, Connect) features a single point latch that allows for easy, one-handed access with a simple twist of the wrist. T-LOC Systainers can be opened even when connected to other T-LOC Systainers. They are compatible with our traditional Classic-Line Systainers 1 , as well as the Sys-Dock feature of our CT Dust Extractors. T-LOC Systainers can also be stored in the Systainer-Port and on the new CT Workcenter. The new Systainer design features customizable label inserts. And as always, Festool Systainers are impact and weather-resistant.
– Due to region & giveaway restrictions this prize only open to USA and Canada

1791800B_mainPowermatic PM1800B, 18″ BANDSAW, 5HP 1PH 230V– Designed with an enormous 18-inch resaw, multi-step blade tension and precision blade guides, the Powermatic PM1800B (1791800B) 5-horsepower band saw is built from high-quality steel and cast iron to handle your bandsawing needs effortlessly for many years to come. Driven by a tough 5-horsepower, 1-phase motor, the Powermatic 1791800B offers plenty of power to handle heavy workloads for hours on end.
– Due to region & giveaway restrictions this prize only open to USA and Canada

contour-sander-2Arbortech Contour Random Sander – Contour Random Sander Moulds to shape for effective sanding of shaped and sculpted forms Powerful random sanding action Does not burn or dig in at edges Fits to any standard angle grinder This purchase includes: 1 x Random Sander Attachment 1 x Backing Pad 1 x Adapter Nut 5 x 80 Grit Sanding Discs 5 x 120 Grit Sanding Discs 5 x 180 Grit Sanding Discs 5 x 240 Grit Sanding Discs 5 x 320 Grit Sanding Discs 5 x 400 Grit Sanding Discs 5 x 600 Grit Sanding Discs
– Due to region & giveaway restrictions this prize only open to USA and Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the giveaway limited to US and Canada?
US and international giveaway/sweepstakes laws are highly variable and incredibly complex. If we give international users eligibility, we need to comply with the local laws in each and every country around the world. For most companies, this is impossible and risky and that’s why nearly ALL online giveaways you’ll come across are restricted to the United States and sometimes Canada. Please understand that this is not an act of discrimination and we truly appreciate the support of our international friends and viewers.

How many times can I enter each giveaway?
You can have as many as nine entries most months. The entry widget will always display the available number of entries available above the giveaway options.

Why did you change giveaway systems?
We had to move to a new giveaway system since some people were trying to manipulate the old system. The new system now verifies your email by sending you a confirmation of all the entries options you have used.  It does a few other things to verify where you are located.  This system also allows us to offer more entry options (subscribing to a YouTube channel or +1 on Google+) into the giveaways.

Why is it asking for my Full Name and Age?
The name should be obvious because we need to verify who you are and we can’t ship without a full name :) We need the email address so we can contact you if you win and put you on the appropriate newsletter(if you use that entry option). The date of birth is there because the giveaway is restricted to 18yrs and older.

I don’t feel comfortable giving access to my (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Can I just give you my email?
We totally understand and realized not everyone uses all of the options in the giveaway. That is why we offer an email only entry under Subscribe to The Wood Whisperer Newsletter. It only takes one entry to potentially win!

I can’t get one of the entries to work. Help!
You can try pulling up the giveaway widget in a different browser or if you’ve already followed an account, you can try unfollowing and re-following through the giveaway widget.

How will I know if I’m a winner?

If you are randomly selected as the winner we will contact you via email the day after the giveaway closes, typically the first of the month. You can also keep an eye on the widget itself for an update, as the winners name will be displayed there. All past winners are listed on our Past Winners page.

I can’t see the widget! Help!
If you are on a desktop computer and don’t see the widget above, try the following: clear your cache, turn off pop-up blockers, turn off ad-blocking plugins, and/or try a different browser. If you’re a Facebook user or if you’re on a mobile device, you might try using the Facebook version of the widget.

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