Chatroom help

If you aren’t familiar with IRC chat, here are a few commands that you might find useful. These commands are entered into the chat room box where you type your messages. Commands will NOT be seen by other people in the chat room as the system can tell the difference between a regular comment and a command. If you are confused by these commands, you can simply copy/paste the examples below and substitute in the appropriate information.

Change Your Nickname

/nick desired nicknameWhen you enter the chat, you will be given a generic name “woodfan***”. To change your nickname use this command. Keep in mind, this does not reserve your nickname permanently. For that, you need to register. Example: /nick WoodStud

Register Your Nickname

/msg nickserv register password emailUse the /nick command above to set your nickname. Then, register the nickname by using this command, associating it with your email address and requiring your password. If you are uncomfortable with copying and pasting commands, you might prefer to simply register using this web form. But it is much faster to do this using the registration command. Example: /msg nickserv register woodrocks77

Logging In (Identifying)

/msg nickserv identify nickname passwordAfter you register, you might find yourself in the chat room with a generic name at some point. To log in using your registered nickname, use this command. Example: /msg nickserv identify WoodStud woodrocks77

Note: If you have already used the /nick command to set your nickname then you only need to type “/msg nickserv identify password

Other Stuff

/msg recipient your private message – Send a private message to a specific person.
Example: /msg Dave Where are your pants? would send a private message to Dave saying “Where are your pants?”

/me Your message referring to yourself – Make a self-statement.
Example: /me wishes Dave were wearing pants! would post a message publicly that says “WoodStud wishes Dave were wearing pants!”

/quitLeaves the chat. You will need to use this command in the live page’s chat to login to the pop-out chat window with your registered nickname.

Chat Pop-out

Click on the Pop-out Chat button to open a new resizable chat window. You will need to logout from the main live page’s chat to use your registered nickname in the pop-out window. The new chat pop-out is not linked to the live page and operates as an independent entity. Feel free to leave it open to keep in touch with other people on the live page.

Chat Clients

If you are constantly getting kicked out of the chat room or you just can’t get things to work properly, you might consider trying a Chat Client. One of the great things about IRC chat is that you can use any number of desktop/mobile chat clients to access the chat room. Here are a couple of recommendations.

There are two pieces of information you will need to get any of these chat clients to work properly. The Network is and the channel is #woodwhisperer.

PC/Linux: mIRC, HexChat,
Mac: XChat, Colloquy
iOS: Colloquy
Browser Plugins: ChatZilla

HexChat Instructions

This will assume you have already registered an account with thinstack the network woodwhisperer chat is on. If not then go to and register one.

  1. Select the appropriate option for you, for example if you run 64 bit windows 64 bit version of the program.
  2. Install all the default options and let it run after the install is finished
  3. The screen that opens is the login information. in this information you will set your nickname, network and passwords.
  4. After setting your desired nickname there you click add in the networks section. name it what ever you wish I named mine woodwhisper.
  5. click edit this will bring up a dialog box select the servers section and change the one there to
  6. check the connect to selected server only
  7. type in connect to favorite channels #woodwhisperer
  8. then put your password you registered into NickServ Password
  9. click close
  10. Highlight the network you wish to connect to and click connect
  11. Once you are connected a dialog will ask you if you want to joint a channel but you already set it to join the woodwhisperer channel
    so uncheck show dialog at the bottom and click close

(Thanks Joseph)

Colloquy App Instructions

  1. Open Colloquy. It should start you in the “Connections” tab (at the bottom).
  2. Tap the + sign in the upper left to add a new connection
  3. Tap the “IRC Connection” button
  4. You are now in the “New Connection” window. Fill in the form as follows:
    Description: TWW
    Push Notifications: turn on if you want them. (I leave them on.)
    Nickname: enter the name you want to use in the chatroom
    Real Name: put whatever you want here
    Connect at launch: On
  5. Join Rooms 1. Tap this option,
  6. On the next screen, tap the “Add Chat Room” button
    Chat Room: woodwhisperer
    Password: leave blacnk
  7. On the upper left, tap the “Join Rooms” button
  8. On the upper left, tap the “New Connection” button
    Allow multitasking: On
  9. On the upper-left, tap “Connect”. A few moments later, you should see a list of “Colloquies”. Click “woodwhisperer” and start chatting.

(Thanks Andrew)

Chatzilla Instructions:

  1. Download and install the Chatzilla Firefox Add-on.
  2. Click Tools > Chatzilla
  3. When the window pops up, click on IRC in navbar, then click Join Channel.
  4. Put into the Network box and click Join.
  5. It may take a minute or two to connect to the chat server, so be patient. After you see some text go by and the connection is confirmed, proceed.
  6. Click on IRC in navbar, then click Join Channel again.
  7. Put #woodwhisperer in the Channel box, and then click Join.
  8. You are now logged into the chat room and you can change your nickname if you desire using the instructions at the top of this page.
  9. To make sure Chatzilla opens to the WoodWhisperer channel automatically at startup, click IRC > Open This Channel At Startup.

Chat Room Policies

The Rules

The sole purpose of this chat room is to facilitate woodworking discussions between woodworkers. The chat room is self-managed by its users. Please be courteous and respectful to other users. Be polite, family-friendly, and don’t be disruptive. Also we recognize that users may chat about other things than woodworking, but in order to avoid disagreements, we would kindly ask you to refrain from discussing religion and politics.

Anything not covered here, is up to the channel founder’s and operator’s discretion, please respect their requests.

You may be kicked, muted, or banned for any of the following:

* Arguing with Moderators & Admins
* Any disruptive behavior
* Objectionable language
* Sexual comments
* Channel spamming or flooding
* Flaming or trolling
* Harassment or abuse of other users
* Being “annoying”

A Note For Our Younger Members

Over the years, we have had numerous young and energetic budding woodworkers enter our little community. While we encourage you to get involved in the conversation, you must understand that this is not your average chat room. Most of our participants here are 30+ years old, and the mood of our chat room is very relaxed and mellow. If you keep this in mind, you just might find yourself with numerous mentors who are willing to help you along in your pursuit of the craft. If you are pushy, obstinate, or offensive, you won’t get very far with this crowd. And please be aware that if I receive multiple complaints from other members, you will be banned from the chat room. If you were directed to this page by another member because of something you said, this should be considered a “friendly warning.” If you aren’t 100% clear on any of this, please contact me and I will be happy to explain it to you.


Every word typed in our chat room is logged, and that includes Private Messages. But understand that we have no desire to read these logs. The ONLY reason we open the logs is for conflict resolution. But its important for you to know that everything you type is recorded.

The shop cams can be found here. Thanks to Indigogyre in the chatroom for building the page.

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