Welcome to Bangle Bowl 2014

Bangle Bowl 2014 Winners

First off, we want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Bangle Bowl contest. We really couldn’t have hoped for a better turnout or selection of absolutely stunning work!
Also, with over 500 votes logged, we definitely want to thank all the folks who came out and voted in the contest. Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the sponsors of the contest who have donated prizes for the winners, and especially Marc Spagnuolo for letting us host this fun event on The Wood Whisperer website.

Now for the winners, and their prizes…

Turned on a Lathe Category

Mike Walsh

First Place: Entry #38, Mike Walsh

  • Wood Whisperer Guild Membership
  • $75 voucher at BangleGuy.com
  • Hand-forged holdfasts by Tim Charles, A Slice of Wood Workshop

Eric Huish

Second Place: Entry #6, Eric Huish

  • $50 voucher at BangleGuy.com
  • Sagebrush bangle blank by NV Woodwerks
  • Segmented bangle blank by Kyle Toth

Kris Stratton

Third Place: Entry #14, Kris Stratton

  • $25 voucher at BangleGuy.com
  • Sagebrush pen blank by NV Woodwerks

No Lathe Used Category

William L. Cronin

First Place: Entry #1, William L. Cronin

  • Wood Whisperer Guild Membership
  • $75 voucher at BangleGuy.com
  • Handcrafted winding sticks by Neil Cronk, Cronkwright Woodshop

Danial Rees

Second Place: Entry #28, Danial Rees

  • $50 voucher at BangleGuy.com
  • Sagebrush bangle blank by NV Woodwerks
  • Banksia pod bangle blank by Kris Stratton

Federico Elliot

Third Place: Entry #2, Federico Elliot

  • $25 voucher at BangleGuy.com
  • Sagebrush pen blank by NV Woodwerks

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s contest! Winners will be notified by email, and we’ll arrange for the prizes to be delivered to you.

Build a Bangle, Win Prizes and Fame!

The Bangle Bowl was invented by Kyle Toth and Zac Higgins for the sole purpose of having fun and making sawdust! Want the details? Watch the video below:


– Entries Closed
– One entry per person

What’s In It For Me?

You are competing to win some of the coolest prizes ever assembled (see below)! More prizes are coming soon. This is a grass-roots effort and many of our prizes will come from individuals and small companies, so click their names, visit their websites, and give them a shout-out for supporting the Bangle Bowl! If you are interested in supporting Bangle Bowl with prizes, contact us!

Voting Closed

Check out the gallery!

Bangle-Making Tutorials

New to bangles or looking for inspiration? Check out the videos below to see what the fuss is about!

Make a segmented bangle bracelet with Kyle Toth

Make a metal core inlay bangle bracelet with Zac Higgins

Make a Bangle Without a Lathe with David Picciuto

Photographing Your Bangle with Eric Goertz

Submitted Bangles – Turned On A Lathe- Gallery

Click on the images to get all the details.

Submitted Bangles- Made Without A Lathe

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