Poll: Is Woodworking Your Only Hobby?

sailboatI actually have quite a few hobbies. I love comic books, playing the drums, playing video games, watching movies, and someday I’ll get back into keeping lizards, snakes and fish (when Mateo expresses interest). But none of these things takes precedence over woodworking. Woodworking is what I eat, sleep, and breathe and really can’t even be called a hobby of mine anymore. So maybe I’m disqualified?

So how about you. Where does woodworking fall in your list of hobbies?

This poll was created by Tom Iovino of TomsWorkbench.com.

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  1. Besides wood working I enjoy computers and mostly doing loaded bicycle touring. When I retire in 5 years I plan to ride across the US. Maybe past your house Marc?

  2. Jerry January 16, 2013

    Woodworking to me is an outlet for creativity, problem solving, design, creating with your hands, and focus. Unfortunately, I took on a new kitchen project so hopefully the work and time pressure will not take the fun out of it.

    For 25+ years, flying was my passion. I spent many many weekends from 22 years old until I was 48 years old at the airport or in an airplane — later years as a flight instructor teaching primary, commercial, and instrument students. For stupid reasons, I turned down an acceptance into USAF UPT (undergraduate pilot training) when I was 24 years old.

    If I get the money (and time) later, I will take up flying but more casually — would love to own a simple taildragger to put around in looking for the $100 hamburger.

    • My father is working on a Kitfox right now and has a 700′ + grass strip by the house for it when he’s finished and gets it flying. Turned his garage into a hangar. Happiest I’ve seen him in a long, long time.

  3. Steve D January 16, 2013

    Fishing, beer brewing (and drinking), woodworking, anything to do with food from growing vegetables to cooking, sausage making and curing meat. Working on building a boat so I can fish in something I built while drinking and eating something I made. Then I can die happy.

  4. Andrew Levine January 16, 2013

    I play guitar…and piano. But woodworking has definitely overtaken music as my #1 hobby.

  5. Don F January 16, 2013

    Motorcycles are my passion: riding, customizing, riding, restoring, and riding — in that order.

    But there needs to be something to do during the long cold months of winter, and woodworking fills that space nicely.

    Speaking of space; the woodworking space is taking over the motorcycle space! How did THAT happen? I must be getting OLD . . . .

  6. Kat January 16, 2013

    I sew, spin, and make bobbin lace in addition to woodworking. My friends have a standing order to sit on me if I try to add too many other unrelated hobbies. The loophole there, of course, is “unrelated”… :-)

  7. Sean January 16, 2013

    Web Developer, Woodworker and Systems/Network learning. I guess I == Nerd.

  8. Jeffrey January 16, 2013

    Woodworking, poker and fly fishing are my only hobbies. Woodworking comes first since I don’t have to travel any further than the back yard for that. Poker is mostly about time with the guys and fly fishing is mostly about time alone in nature (but i have to travel a few hours for that), although landing a nice trout occasionally is nice. Not too often or it isn’t peaceful. Woodworking is also peaceful and done alone but it also involves creativity, problem solving, tools and a product at the end of it all that is useful and sometimes beautiful. Plus you are always learning something either about the craft or yourself. It’s all just too good a life with hobbies like these. Now if I could just get paid to do at least one of these things I could give up the dreaded desk.

  9. Dalton January 16, 2013

    I must be 33 going on 65. Hobbies include wood working; collecting, restoring, and building tools; gardening; road bike and mountain bike; guitar; talk radio (does that count?). My interests ebb and flow with the seasons, which corresponds with my attention span.

  10. I’ve always had an interest in woodworking, but had no time in the past.

    I actually chase tornadoes and lightning in the Spring and Summer months–and when the snow flies in the winter–I settle down between woodworking (just a newbie here…) and ham radio. Yeah–I’m that nerdy. Last couple of years, I’ve become self-employed (sort of retired..), and have some time to start my woodworking shop.

    Fun poll!

  11. woodworking & motocross. a combination for champions

  12. Jacob January 17, 2013

    Just Love anything RC Related. Actually RC planes is what got me into woodworking to start with when I got my first Scroll Saw. Now I do more wood working than RC and My 6 year old is getting the RC Bug, but he loves his tools to.


  13. Mike Tuxen January 17, 2013

    My 3 year old daughter has taken over as my favorite “hobby” for the last 3 years but now I’m building for her and it feels great to be working on a real project again. I also enjoy cruising the country roads on my motorcycle. Hiking with my dog or most anything outdoors.

  14. Woodworking has been a “hobby” of mine since High School, 100 years ago. It has been low on the list of “doing” but high on the list of “interested” until recently when I have been able to focus on (AKA afford) woodworking more. In the past, I have focused on Family (kids are all out of the house now), RC models, Guitar, Horses, Antique Tractors (McCormick Farmall, naturally), late ’60s Mopar, Internet Marketing, and probably a few others I have purged from my memory. Lately, I have started building large furniture items like dining tables. Next I would like to tackle a bed frame. Thanks, Marc, for your informitive videos.

  15. 6t5Goat January 17, 2013

    In addition to woodworking, I like to drive and restore GM Muscle Cars.. Current projects include a 65 GTO, 69 Chevelle, and a 70 Chevelle..

    I also keep fish.. actually the fish are secondary to the plants that are growing in the fish tank.. kind of like a inside underwater garden.

  16. ED January 17, 2013

    Golf, fishing, hiking, woodworking, writing, and photography. Golf for socializing, fishing and hiking for my soul, woodworking, writing, and photography for my art.

  17. Markus January 17, 2013

    Woodworking is one of my favourite, but i also like to work with metal as well. At the moment I pushed my router, planer and tablesaw in the corners and placed a small lathe and a Tig-Welder into the shop. Actually I work on a RC model-excavator, scale 1:10. But this donĀ“t make me miss any video from Marc!

    Greetings from Germany

  18. Frank Pace January 17, 2013

    I’v been woodworking since my 20’s (I’m now 57), for the past 4 years or so it has become a passion as I have learned to combine the hand tools with power. I have always had a technical art background in photography ,and film production. In fine art photography I would always look for design, form, and texture in my images. In my woodworking I apply this to 3 dimension, and add function.

    My other great passion is sailing. Both cruising and racing. Although I probably spend more time in the shop than on the boat, I must say that this passion equals my love of building things.

    There is also a great analogy between the two. Due to the weather conditions, on light air days sailing can be boring and downright grueling (aka sanding). On other days it’s incredibly exzilerating! Like dry fitting that complicated joinery for the first time.

    This has taught me to accept the good with the bad.

  19. Chuck Timber January 17, 2013

    I have had the Rc Airplane / Car hobby. Still have parts and pieces. PLay guitar and some piano. Always remodeled or worked on our own houses and that spawned into having most tools to do real woodworking and making furniture not just another drywall project.

  20. stephen January 17, 2013

    Besides woodworking I’m really into fireworks. I also enjoy fishing, and hiking when I can.
    Gaming, aquarium keeping. Lots of hobbies now that I thunk of it. Oh lets not for get chasing the ladies! huge time waster there.

  21. Rob January 18, 2013

    Besides woodworking I race sailboats and play rugby. I find after a hard day at the office or a weekend on the water nothing is better than decompressing and clearing my head with a few hours in the shop. I started really getting into it a few years ago – Thanks Marc.

  22. Like Jerry, I’m a pilot but also love woodworking. Woodworking is cheaper than flying, though not by much. The 3 greatest feelings in the world are creating something from your own vision, and landing an airplane by yourself. (yes, I know that’s only 2).


  23. steve desmond January 18, 2013

    My main hobby for the last 2-3 yrs, which is related to wood working, is building apline/downhill skis. Followed by mtb/cycling.

  24. Scott Camacho January 21, 2013

    Besides woodworking I am also a drummer. Over the last year I have been doing more woodworking then drumming, but I still keep a practice pad setup at all times.

  25. Sean Rubino January 21, 2013

    I am also an avid freshwater planted aquarium keeper.

  26. Paul Callister January 22, 2013

    I love woodworking. A very close second is playing the bagpipes. I am hoping to combine the 2 at some point and start making my own pipes. Gonna take a few more expensive tools before I can do that though :)

  27. Verlin J January 23, 2013

    Woodworking is my October-March hobby, bass fishing is my other passion. I need to get an airconditioner in my shop for June-Aug and I’d do more then. Have looked at the mini splits – a little pricey. May try a simple in the wall ‘window airconditioner’ for the amount of time I would use it.

    Thanks Marc – enjoying the Guild membership ALOT!

  28. Kevin Rytter January 23, 2013

    I LOVE KITEBOARDING!! I have a room full of kite’s and boards. But, I can’t do that everyday. It’s wonderful to get in the garage for a little while everyday and solve problems, be creative, and make stuff with ma hands.

  29. Todd January 24, 2013

    Woodworking is #1, but I also enjoy playing tennis as well as helping out the Boy Scouts.

  30. Alex Borins January 26, 2013

    In addition to woodworking I also do karate and sailing/boating. I can also be found in my bedroom tinkering w/ miscellaneous electronic devices. I find that having several hobbies prevents me from “burning out” from one hobby, and besides there all great fun

  31. Dave Stanton February 3, 2013

    Working with timber and metal is what I have done for a living since I was 16. I am very comfortable with cottage construction and getting to like joinery. This has happened after watching the WW. So much so that I now work in retail selling woodworking machines and hand tools to the likes of Marc’s audience.
    Now, my real passion is photography and because I am obsessive compulsive I have spent way too much money on it and realised I had to make a living from it as well.
    So both of my pastimes are also income generators which is how it should be, shouldn’t it?

  32. BRUCE VONK February 4, 2013

    wood fall winter I have been building my xmas gifts for the past 4 years
    for my four childen which they love
    snowmobiling with my son late winter
    bbq contest with my son spring \ summer

  33. RickD February 18, 2013

    My hobbies include but are not limited to: wood working, video gaming, playing bass, computing, gardening, welding, movies, t.v., d.i.y. home improvement, paint ball, making SketchUp models of wood working projects that I have no time to build. S0 much to do, so little time.

  34. Stephen B. February 24, 2013

    I’m primarily a woodturner, not too much flat work. I also keep tropical fish, a koi pond, am restoring a 1972 MG MGB roadster (British sports car), bee keep, garden (veggies and plants for the bees), do do photography, computing (I’m a retired Systems Programmer, IBM MVS mainframe, data communications/networking), am owned by two cats, provide technical support and yardwork for my ex-wife, and read, among many other things.

  35. Jack Reynolds March 7, 2013

    The progression to woodworking went like this:
    1. I started growing heirloom tomatoes
    2. I got interested in heirloom apple trees and started growing them
    3. I wanted better apple production so I started keeping bees
    4. I wanted to start making my own beekeeping equipment so I started woodworking

    Not sure what’s next but hobbies keep the mind active and fulfill some inner compulsion to do something more than just watch TV .

  36. Woodworking is one of my hobbies. my other hobbies include drawing, reading and travelling. Most of the time I draw what I want to build. I think this is what makes woodworking more interesting.

  37. My hobbies are favorie diesel injection pumps that I disassembled, it’s like the watch she has over 150 different joints. sorry for my english

  38. Kurt Kalbach June 13, 2013

    While woodworking is my main hobby, I have been a musician, restored old trucks, etc. I was just reading the comments and thought that with all the people here we could have a great band, drink homebrewed beer, and eat lots of home grown veggies,while watching people fly homemade airplanes designed by retired computer programmers…

  39. Brett Beaudry August 5, 2013

    As it turns out I am interested in just about everything and in the past it has stopped me from getting good at anything because I was trying to do a little bit of everything.

    It used to be music that was my focus, with some skateboarding, drawing, reading that took up most of my time, but bandmates moved away and left a huge hole of time to fill as far as needing that creative outlet.

    I really started getting into woodworking after getting a good contractor table saw, it allowed me to bring some more precision into the random things I was doing. I didn’t realize how much decent tools would allow me to enjoy this kind of work, from there found some videos on youtube from “the wood whisperer” and I was hooked. I cant stop.

  40. Paul Williams January 10, 2014

    Woodworking, Home Remodeling, Building and flying remote control aircraft. Not necessarily in that order!! Flying is pretty fun! So is building!

  41. Jay Talbott January 10, 2014

    Model railroading is my other big hobby, and I have a rather large collection of model trains. Actually, it was the dream of building my own train layout at home that initially triggered my purchase of a table saw and a miter saw a few years back. But then I fell in love with woodworking, and for reasons that I won’t get into, it’s not looking like I’ll be in a position to build my own train layout – at least not until I retire. Fortunately, I’m a member of a local model railroad club, so I can still run my trains on the club layout.

  42. Cole October 17, 2014

    Your picture with this poll shows my other hobby.
    And happily, though my boat is fiberglass, it still has a lot of teak on the interior and that allows me to use my other hobby to maintain, repair and improve it.

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