Coming Up in 2013

Well it’s a new year and I wanted to give you folks a little heads up concerning what’s on deck and what’s on my mind.

Busy Boy!

It’s going to be a very busy year for me. The Guild is now on a schedule building 4 projects per year. Sadly, that doesn’t leave me with as much time for free content production as I’d like. So I plan on trying a few experiments where we provide heavily edited versions of Guild projects as “episodes” on the free site. Of course we’ll continue to provide technique and product-related videos as well as our Whisper Minis. I am also in the process of getting some help on the business and editing side of things. We have a lot of content just sitting on the hard drive waiting for someone to take the time to edit it down. On deck are the following: a wooden-geared clock project from Guest host Rick Urschel, a tour of the Thorsen House with Darrell Peart, my Clear Vue Cyclone and ductwork installation, and a free version of the Dogon Platform Bed project.

The New Book

Woohoo! I’m writing a new book! This will be a full-size book on the topic of Hybrid Woodworking and it’s backed by a major publisher. So obviously the pressure is on. In fact, I’m writing this blog post when I really should be writing! This project is pretty massive for someone like me and it will easily consume the next few months. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you now know why! I suppose it’s time to put on my hipster glasses and head to Starbucks.

“Free” Videos

I wrote an article in late 2011 about our Video Advertising in an effort to explain our situation. You’d be surprised how many complaints we get each week about the fact that our videos have ads, but I digress. Unfortunately, the video situation is getting worse before it gets better. Our host,, no longer supports direct downloads of videos. Direct downloads bypass their advertising system and consequently, they are now blocking them. This is why you no longer see download links posted with each video. Currently, the only surefire way to get the videos on your hard drive is to use iTunes. If you’re using something else to download the videos, it’s only a matter of time before blocks that too.

This has caused us to start searching for a new way to present and host our videos. No big deal, right? Wrong. You might be surprised to know that our silly little videos are now being viewed/downloaded over 3 Million times a year! With over 230 episodes in the archive and more being added each year, that number won’t be getting smaller any time soon. Further complicating things is the fact that we like to provide not only the standard web version of our videos, but also a high quality HD version for set-top boxes like AppleTV, Tivo, and also local television networks. It’s a recipe for some very expensive hosting bills and it’s the reason why just about any other major player in the woodworking world does not allow their videos to be downloaded. Well, I would imagine the desire to keep people on their website is an even larger driving force, but that’s just not how we work. The sad fact is the days of “free” podcast hosting are dead and gone. The landscape of online video has evolved and we must evolve with it.

I WANT to provide advertising-free videos. I WANT to let you download our videos at any time on any platform. And I WANT to produce oodles of free content for the world to enjoy. But there are now technical, logistical, and financial reasons why these things might not be realistic anymore. We are researching our options and if there is any way for us to continue to allow unlimited free downloads of our videos, without putting us in the poor house, I will.

And just a quick note for those of you who know something about online video hosting and are prepared to tell me about Vimeo, YouTube, or something else. All of these online services have one thing in common: they don’t give you permalink access to your files for direct download. Putting the video into an embedded player is not the problem. YouTube will provide that service for free. The real issue is hosting our video files for direct download.

Well, that’s it folks. Thanks for sticking with us for all these years and I hope this sort of “inside baseball” transparency helps you understand what we do and why we do it. As much as some people like to think we are a big corporation with numerous employees and deep pockets, we are still the same small family-run business we have always been. We are just a lot busier now and our newest employee is still in diapers!

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  1. Robin January 21, 2013

    In order for you to provide the rest of us with all of this information, you have to make money! I would be all for more ads if it meant more content! I’ve been seriously considering joining the guild and hearing about an extra project each year makes me want to join even more. Good luck with the book too!

    • Riley Rasmussen January 21, 2013


      You should be a member, I will never let my membership lapse just for the sake of being able to e mail Marc if i have a quick question and even when there is a guild build project that is not my style I love watching them every Friday simply to see and learn new techniques. It’s worth far more than whatever the cost is these days.

  2. Marc, why do people need to download your videos if they can access them online? There are free utilities people can use to download any YouTube video if they are so inclined.


      I guess it’s just something people do. The downloadable videos are much higher quality (up to full HD) and provide the best viewing experience for those looking to archive the videos on their own hard drives. The downloadable versions also easily facilitate viewing on set top boxes. Many of these devices have video quality requirements and we like to make sure they look as pretty as they can. :)

      And ultimately, if you want to be in iTunes your videos have to be downloadable.

      It’s really just a matter of letting people view the content however they want to view it. But as time goes on, it seems that we may not have much choice but to limit those options. Successful producers like yourself give me hope that even without providing these downloads, there is great success to be had. It’s just a model I haven’t played with much until now.

      • woodmang3 January 21, 2013

        I agree with Mr. Ramsey (love his show too by the way). YouTube offers free hosting, and as far as I have seen you can get HD resolutions up there, not sure on the specifics, but I know you can reach HD as long as your video is high enough resolution. AppleTV and many boxes like it can also stream from YouTube the same as they could any other sight, and as Mr. Ramsey said, there are a plethora of options out there for people to download straight from YouTube. What’s better, YouTube’s ads are far less obtrusive / shorter!

        • Shawn Nichols January 22, 2013

          I’ve been with Marc since the beginning and have been a guild member since the first year of its conception. I’ve downloaded the shows ever since I can remember because I like to view them when I’m “off grid.” Funny, how that works. I travel a fair amount for work. Being able to catch up on TWW videos while flying over seas is a personal requirement nowadays. I don’t know how I’d keep my sanity while being up in the air for 8 – 20 hours. I hope you can keep providing a means for download but I understand if you can’t.

          Just to be clear, if I download via iTunes like I do now everything is going to stay the same (at least for 2013). Is that correct?



          Yes, unless Blip decides to cut off iTunes too. If they do, we’ll be forced to act quickly since I am DEFINITELY not ready to cease availability in iTunes.

  3. Craig Clemans January 21, 2013

    Is this why it is slower getting files or watching video’s now? Downloads of the HD files take nearly an hour now and watching requires dozens of buffering stops.


  4. Sean January 21, 2013

    It amazes me that people complain about advertisements on FREE VIDEOS. That is extremely rude in my opinion. It’s become the norm and every video site now displays advertisements on each and every video. If you don’t like ads on TWW videos, download them from iTunes. Plain and simple.


      Frankly, it amazes me too. But do anything online long enough and you’ll find that there’s always someone who will complain about something.

      • Adam Baum January 21, 2013

        It’s true, people will complain about anything and everything. In fact, I want to complain about the complainers. While I am at it, I want to complain about the fact that I never seem to win the big lottery. Why is that? It’s not fair or right…oh, did I forget to mention that I never buy tickets? I still think I should win.


        • Clanger January 23, 2013

          I would like to complain about the rules they have for the lottery. Who came up with this stupid rule that you have to buy a ticket to be in the running for winning the jackpot? That is so unfair.

  5. Christian January 21, 2013

    As a thought experiment I was thinking some sort of combination solution. I would use etc. for hosting embedded video (which ever gives you the best income share) and some sort of cloud hosting service for download links. The prices for something like Amazon S3 seem very reasonable with a plethora of management and development tools. Guessing your videos are streamed much more then they are downloaded, hopefully the streaming service income would offset the cloud hosting service.


      That’s the direction we are headed. But the downloads actually account for a very large percentage of our “views.” We may just have to do a limited roll-out just to see the actual financial impact.

  6. james January 21, 2013

    Best of luck with the book Marc and I am looking forward to seeing the Cyclone install when you get the time

  7. What about the possibility of BitTorrent for your video downloads? Crowd source it. You may have problems with long term longevity of the download, but I have a SeedBox that I would be willing to keep them on after I download them.


      We thought about that, but there are a few obstacles. As you mentioned, maintenance is one but also the fact that it’s more complicated for the average user. Also, I don’t know if there is even a way to get set top boxes to engage with a torrent download via RSS.

  8. Jim January 21, 2013

    I’m with Sean. Brothers gotta make a living.
    Here’s a conundrum- I would join the guild and stop freeloading If I had a lack of personal projects to complete( or start). I love the idea of the Guild and I’m positive I would gain valuable knowledge participating in any one of them, but the kids/family/career limit my time to the projects I’m particularly passionate about.
    I’ve bought a hat… but I think TWW need some middle ground ‘tip jar’ where guys like me can ‘kick in for the beer’ even though we can’t stay for the big party’
    Hell, I blew a few (of the most worthwhile) grand in my shop last year as a direct result of Marks videos and tutelage. The least I/we could do is throw a few bucks in the pot. Kind of like NPR- but without the pledge week.
    I know, I know mark… you’d feel slimy.


      haha yeah a little. Although we do still accept donations for Wood Talk. But that’s a whole different ball of wax.

      I do want to state very clearly that none of this was meant as a cry for help. We appreciate all of the support we receive on the free site and I certainly don’t want anyone feeling guilty that they can’t join the Guild. The Guild is there for those that want it and we will always do our best to provide good quality free content for those that don’t.

      We have the resources here to do what needs to be done concerning the videos. But as a very small business, we have to think carefully about how we approach paradigm shifts like this one. Part of the quandary stems from comments like Steve’s. Many folks do quite well without providing downloads. We have to evaluate the landscape and decide whether these downloads are completely necessary for our success or if they are simply a nice perk. Is that perk worth and additional $10k expense?? We’ll have to answer that question this year.

      We truly appreciate the support of our viewers, advertisers, sponsors and Guild members. Now we just need to make the best long-term decision for the business. But by no means are we experiencing a desperate moment. :)

  9. Marcus January 21, 2013

    Marc, looking forward to the new book, have preordered on Amazon and with the dispatch dad of July, better get back to the type writer! As for videos, I’m with Robin, why should ads matter when the content is free. Also, considering the Guild in the near future.

  10. Have you announced the Guild projects for this year? Did I miss it??


      I did mention that in the last Guild session. The page is still under construction where we will have the projects officially laid out. But the next three projects are likely to be: Tilt-Top Tea Table, Greene & Greene Blanket Chest, and a Humidor (or box if you don’t smoke cigars). :)

  11. Shawn January 21, 2013

    I am not a woodworker but I can work with wood. I have a table saw, mitre saw and hand tools, but no jointer, planer or belt sander. I enjoy Marc’s presentations because he makes me think of the possibilities and doesn’t aw, uhm, and ya’ know throughout his videos. He is erudite and obviously passionate about his work and I just enjoy watching and listening. I have viewed every video on this website and enjoyed them all…. for free. I don’t think any number of commercials would stop me from doing so. Bring them on, and Marc, thanks for doing what you do.

  12. David A. January 21, 2013

    Whatever you do Marc, I will always enjoy your videos, articles, viewer projects and shop tours (ad free or not). Thank you for all you do to educate the rest of us hobbyists and professionals alike. I have learned a lot. I just wish I had more time to implement the techniques more.

    Keep it up!!!

  13. Ben January 21, 2013 is about to get physically fought….

  14. Johan January 21, 2013

    I watched a lot of woodworkers.
    But your videos have that something in it I can’t explain.
    Maybe it is a talent you have, but they are just plain AWESOME.

  15. John January 21, 2013

    I have enjoyed everyone of your videos. I have watched them all. The service you provide with them is outstanding. I didnt know that it cost you money if you offered the videos for download. While I personally dont see a need in it, wouldn’t it be more cost effective for you to have a pay to d/l service for folks that need to do that? Business is business my friend. And ads have no impact on anything. If you watch tv you stop the show every 10 minutes for commercials. Thanks for your contributions to the world of wood.

  16. Joey January 21, 2013

    Marc, put me in the who cares if you can download category. As long as it’s available to stream its good enough for me. Great content, but I’ve never felt the need to download. I can come to the site and watch it when I need to. Keep up the great work!

  17. Riley Rasmussen January 21, 2013


    You are great at what you do and I am so grateful for all your content and your high ethical and moral standards you clearly live by, for all those people who feel the need to download as I have done for old guild builds maybe you could just include free instructions and links to free utilities for saving YouTube videos I have a program on both my PC and my i pad the I pad app is excellent ( mcTube) for saving YouTube videos so I can view them offline, I mean all those who complain must remember its FREE. Anyway keep it up.

  18. I’m looking forward to the book as well, good luck with it!

    The biggest thing that bugs me about Blip’s policy now is its inconsistency. While iTunes is ok, any other podcatcher is hit or miss, with a seemingly “oh well” attitude for those that miss. After finding Blip based podcasts were not downloading properly on my phone (Android) some time back, I found I had to set the User Agent on the client to iTunes to get them to work. Blip’s policy certainly does not seem to embrace an “access from any platform” philosophy, which is something I think is critical today with the variety of devices out there.

    That said, I’m curious as folks get more tablets, if there is any trend toward a more streaming-centric from download-centric in viewing. Personally, a few years back I was 100% download, and today find that some I download, some I will view streaming right on the site itself. I’ll also say I have zero problem with the ads.


      You know, tablet traffic is definitely having an impact. Between our app and the fact that the videos are all accessibly right on the site, most users can easily get what they need. But there are still a good number of people downloading directly in iTunes and on other platforms. We have always been big believers in trying to provide everything for everyone, but at some point you do need to draw the line. We do this all the time with our video encoding, often cutting off older video devices for the sake of progress. Same thing for the site. Not sure how the site looks in IE6 but I can be it isn’t optimized, lol. So there will certainly be a point where providing the downloads just won’t be necessary. I’m just not quite sure we’re there yet.

  19. Sean January 21, 2013

    I think the majority agree the ads that are in the videos should not be an issue it is free and that I am very greatfull. Compared to the classes at the local woodshop a single class runs $100.00 or more and the content is not something I can keep going back to. So Ad or no Ad the content you provide has saved me a ton of money. so thanks and keep the great site going with or without ads you have a lot of people that love it.

  20. Marc,
    Your free content is what brought me to your site. As stated many times, you do an awesome job with your video’s and knowledge you share with us. Sometime I’m hoping to join in on the guild. To reap the most benefit of the guild I would need to have time available. I will support your site and business no matter what you need to do with your free videos. Thanks for everything. I follow your “Woodtalk Show” every week. Great job there too.

  21. Robert January 22, 2013

    Mark, have you considered streaming only on the free site and have a guild “project” for a nominal fee that covers the downloading cost that provides all the free video’s for download?

  22. Bob Natsch January 22, 2013

    Marc: for me personally; you keep making the business decisions that are right for you and your family that allow you to make a decent living and I’ll keep watching and participating as a Guild Member. I would never presume to tell you how to run your business, and certainly would not bitch about an ad in free content! I thoroughly enjoy all of your productions and presentations and wait for new content every day. Thanks for providing a real and credible source of woodworking content for us guys and women out here who only wish that they could live the dream.

  23. Chuck R January 22, 2013

    I pay for Netflix and Redbox, and I pay for Amazon Prime. Not to mention cable TV, cell phone, land line phone, internet service, and a few dozen woodworking DVD’s including nearly everything David Marks produces.)

    I would pay for ‘free’ content and not be concerned about downloading. I would also pay for a download of the guild on a per episode basis, but not an annual subscription.

    Why not get yourself at T1 or T3 line and kick blip to the curb? It would all work in with the new techie you are planning on hiring…

  24. Stan P January 22, 2013

    I retired a couple of years ago and started doing woodworking in earnest. My wife says I’m obsessed, I say my passion for what I only seemed to have time to read about for the last 30 + years is coming out. Reading is good, but doing is sooooo much better. If there are any young guys out there reading this that don’t think/feel they have the time, really try to make the time and get into the shop and do something. I am so grateful to the group of woodworkers out there like Marc who also like to teach by making videos and posting them on the internet. Yes commercials are annoying, but if that’s what it takes to allow you to provide us with the instruction that you do, then so be it. We need to just suck it up and enjoy the good stuff that you put out. Marc I hope you can continue to offer free instruction because you do a really good job at it. One of my Christmas gifts was to join the Guild. At the moment I am laid up for the next 6 weeks or so and am debating whether I join now or wait until I can actually get back into the shop and start working again.

    Keep up the good work.


      Hey Stan. I hope you have a quick recovery. Thanks for the kind words by the way. We will always provide free content in some way, shape or form. That will never go away. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to package things for long-term sustainability. As for the Guild, the thing to keep in mind is that your project access is lifetime. So if you’re laid up, now might be a great time to join. You may not be able to build, but you can enjoy all the content while healing up. Even after your yearly membership runs out, you’ll still have access to the videos. So if you want to build along, you can do so on your own schedule.

      • Stan P January 22, 2013

        Membership done. Now to go and explore.

      • Jeff Merrill January 27, 2013

        Are you saying that if I become a guild member that all the video content on the guild website is available to me for life?

  25. Steve January 22, 2013

    Speaking of video content…….I try to employ, and have had good results with most of the technics you teach, but to be honest the recent “Pasta Power” video only yielded spaghetti sauce stains on my Guild T-Shirt!!!! Perhaps I should have gone with Matt’s suggestion for re-fried bean power!!!

  26. woodyb January 22, 2013

    I would love to be able to join the guild, however, the cost is way more than I can afford. I am still trying to gather up the free/low cost materials to build my shop.
    As for the ads, who cares about ads in free content.

    As for streaming, that requires internet access that is fast enough. Where I live, only wireless and slow dsl is available. The speed is fine for everything but streaming video so I download all video to watch later.

    There are still many people in similar situations that can not watch streaming video.

    as a side note about the net access where I live;
    I can see the cable for cable net/tv from my front porch. It stops about 1/4 mile from my house and there is no plan to extend it out in the future. It is very frustrating…….


  27. Frank (http://deleted) January 22, 2013

    Thanks for the explanation on where the downloads went. I was wondering but was afraid to ask. You keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe you can start your own web service for video hosting with download and become the next google/youtube rolled into one. You could call it……..sorry I couldn’t come up with anything. Maybe you will.

  28. Clanger January 23, 2013

    Marc, It might be worth you putting out a couple of ‘serious’ surveys as to what people would prefer. Personally, I don’t use the download options – I watch online only so Youtube would be fine for me. I accept that adverts on there are a way of life.
    Could an option be that download is only available for Guild releases and free releases are online only.
    Whatever you choose, please make sure that you and Nicole do make reasonable $$$ from the non-guild releases. You can’t live on bread/water.


      I was thinking about a survey, but there’s a major problem with that. Many of the people we serve with our downloads don’t go to the website. The folks who subscribe on set-top boxes or iTunes, once subscribed, have no compelling reason to come visit us. This is one of the main reasons many content producers don’t allow downloads in the first place. They want the traffic. By surveying the people who visit the site, I am afraid our results would be skewed one way or the other.

      Truth is, many folks in the business think I’m nuts for providing downloads at all. And I’m sure if I took them away completely, there would be an initial uproar, but within a few weeks, it would be business as usual. Ultimately, if the content is good enough and the people are interested, they’ll watch the content in whatever form it’s available. But that does rule out a whole host of people who are either mildly entertained or only watch our videos when there’s nothing else on. We still value their viewership. :)

  29. Brian January 23, 2013


    Like Christian pointed out, it seems like a file host service like Amazon S3 would be viable solution. If you know your download metrics, they have an online calculator tool that would allow you to estimate costs.

    You issue with storage is not the problem, that is relatively cheap. It is the total bandwidth combined for all transfers that is going to be the sticking point.

    A quick google search for online file storage services yield this site.



  30. Mike Baron January 23, 2013

    First off I would like to complain about soy milk,,,its just not worth it. Marc you taught me so much I would gladly sit through twice as many adds as I currently do. As far as your business situation goes you make a decision and just inform us of how to proceed. Me personally, I use video converted so I can grab video from Youtube or the sight and export it into a different formats. This is also allows me to grab video from other woodworkers, Mr. Ramsey being one of them. I look forward to joining the guild later this year(tax return time)! Thanks again for the continued education.

  31. Boy, one sure does have to stay nimble these days. Good thing you are such a young person.
    I’ve been doing the downloads and appreciate the convenience of having the file right here to watch, regardless of my cable status or my location. Understand if that model is not sustainable, but sure do like it.
    I certainly understand the advertising situation, but it does impact the pleasure. I cannot listen to commercial radio or watch television because of the periodic invasions.
    Wishing you reasonable choices in 2013 and beyond.
    Thanks for the great educations, inspirations and camaraderie.
    TWW site and Guild have been a major part of my woodworking experience.

  32. Jim D. January 25, 2013


    I find it hard to believe people are whining about the ads in the videos. Would I rather not have them? Sure. But the content you provide is more than worth the few seconds of ads. Besides, iTunes is an excellent option. I have all your videos in my iTunes library ad-free. Keep up the good work. Sorry to hear that the free content may suffer a bit as the guild is not in my budget or time allowance. Hopefully someday.

    Take care


  33. Craig January 25, 2013

    I would like to say Marc that I would gladly watch ads to help support the TWW. You have not only inspired me but many others and I think that the people complaining about the ads are a vocal minority (at least I hope). So feel free to put in more ads, I think you would be surprised that it would not affect your viewership.

    Keep up the good work.

  34. Barrington902 January 27, 2013

    Frankly, I never think to download, even though DSL streaming is brutal most evenings when I go on-line. Ads can be annoying, but let’s be real…..they pay the bills. I do wish these video sites would give some variety. I’ve fallen in and out of love with the Lumosity girl; while she’s gorgeous, she’s turning into a nag, and that position is currently occupied…. if the ads were topic-centered, that would be nice as well. I don’t suppose the ads are Mark’s, thogh, they must belong to Blip at this point.

    I appreciate your efforts and your style, Mark. I’d be willing to pay a reasonable subscription fee for access to continued tutorials of the variety you’ve put up for free to this point, even to the point of ads included; after all, we have ads in the woodworking mags to which we subscribe…..

    I admit I haven’t joined the Guild, not so much because of membership cost, but because either the various projects just didn’t appeal to me, or weren’t practical for my retiree’s resources/space. One small thing I have done is Bookmark Mark’s Amazon link, and go thru there to purchase the various household items etc. we purchase monthly. The commissions on my 200 $$ per month average won’t put Mateo thru college, but if everyone did it, it has to help.

  35. Brandon West January 30, 2013

    I have been thinking about the whole ad thing since the, what I call the ad apologie news letter came out. I don’t at this time have enough dough to jump into the Guild the way I would want to and therefor limited to the free content. I have never thought that I was in any way disinfranchised for having to view an ad before watching a video I didn’t pay for. I have learned so much from your site and at no cost to me. It would have cost me oodles of cash in classes, DVD purchases, and books to gain a portion of the knowledge that is freely gained from your site. You should be compensated greatly for the service you offer the wood working community. You should be doing everything you can to make sure this venture is not only paying its bills, but makes it worth it to you and your family. If that takes more ads on the site, and more begging to shop via your Amazon site, then so be it. I hope you become very wealthy via this adventure and not just get by. For what it’s worth, do what you have to do to make Thewoodwhisperer franchise prosperous and I will still be here. I’m sure there are thousands that feel the same way I do.

  36. I love your videos. Have you looked at Google Drive for hosting? Here is the url just in case.

    I hope you keep everyone posted as to what you ultimately decide to do. For those of us who are trying to create a woodworking blog it helps us to see what the options are and see how we can resolve these types of issues.

  37. etienne February 2, 2013

    Have you looked into running your own machines on Amazon’s Web Services ( I run my little projects on EC2 instances. Bonus? On demand payment for bandwidth, server size, etc…

  38. I don’t know if it provides download links but since you are on WordPress you may find VideoPress ( worth checking out.

    • Yep it seems there is a download option. You can see it at work at WordPress.TV – the download links are available through the “share” option (which appears in the top-left corner AFTER you start the video)..

  39. Mike March 11, 2013

    For what its worth, the short commercials before your videos do not bother me all that much. Anyone expecting a free lunch forever is a moron. Your videos are high quality and in depth, waiting 30 seconds before viewing the video is not a big hurdle for me.

    It boggles my mind that people grew up watching TV commercials and paying for cable yet expect everything on the internet to be free, portable, and on demand. It is entitlment run amok!

  40. Walter K May 15, 2013

    Marc – what is the status of your new book? Is there a release date yet? Can we pre-order anywhere?


      No pre-order yet. There was something on Amazon at one point but it’s pretty early for any real pre-order. Release is slated for November 2013. We will have a signup form very soon where you can sign up to be the first to hear about any updates.

  41. Kevin Fermenick May 28, 2013


    I too don’t mind a commercial or two. After all, what can we expect for free? I especially don’t mine, if the commercial is embedded in such a way that I can fast forward over it ;-)

    I did not even know I could have downloaded your videos. Now I will have to figure out how to do that. I think I still have itunes on my hard drive…

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