Woodworkers Safety Week Is Now Woodworking Safety Day

If you can believe it, Woodworker’s Safety Week is 5 years old this May! I came up with the idea back in 2008 and requested that the entire woodworking community join in the effort. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from a little extra safety knowledge when your idea of fun is making stuff with incredibly sharp blades. Thankfully, the community embraced it and Woodworker’s Safety Week has become something that many look forward to every year, yet others begrudgingly tolerate. I have to admit, after five years, even I am ready for a change. Because we have an entire week to fill with content, it doesn’t take long before we simply start regurgitating old information as we collectively run out of ideas. That just leads to uninspired content from folks who feel obligated to “do something.”

So I made a tough decision that I think will be music to the ears of bloggers, podcasters, and readers alike. Instead of a full week of safety focus, I’d like to reduce it down to a single day. Of course, like any holiday or occasion, content producers should feel welcome to focus on safety as much as they want in and around the actual day, especially if that day happens to fall on a weekend at some point in the future. But with only one day to worry about, it’s much more likely that the safety content we do get will be focused, inspiring, informative, and compelling.

So from here on out, I’ll be honoring May 1st as Woodworking Safety Day. And once again, I ask the rest of the woodworking community to join me in this effort. Feel free to create new content or simply link to old safety content you posted in the past. That will at least give your new readers a chance to catch up on topics you may have already covered. And as is the case every year, send me the links to your posts and I’ll post them here in one massive collection.

Hopefully everyone will appreciate this change as it makes a whole heck of a lot of sense to me. But then again, wearing a blonde wig also made sense to me at the time.

If you’d like to spread the word about Woodworking Safety Day, feel free to use the following images on your blogs and resize as needed. Simply link it back to the Woodworking Safety Day page: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/woodworking-safety-day/




  1. Matt April 17, 2013

    What??? No matter reiterating the reiterations?

    I think this move will make the content much more meaningful vs diluted and stale.

  2. What! I thought you might expand it to something like “Woodworking Safety Fortnight”!

    I agree one day really can cover the event.


  3. Jay April 17, 2013


    As I said last Safety Week (I think in the safety poll I asked the shop monkey to put together) that my focus is on safety every time I’m in the shop. I think that you reducing safety week to safety day should have little affect on how we work in the shop. I also think you hit the nail on the head that reducing the amount of clutter (in regurgitating old content) is a great benefit. As long as links to past years are available and updated as products and ideas change, we’re good with one day. Let’s just make sure that the bell for May 1st is rung loudly so it rings for a while and carries the same weight that a week of focus tends to have.

    Also, thanks for the images. I’ll definitely use those to post and create awareness!


  4. Ted April 17, 2013

    Safety third!

  5. Dave April 17, 2013

    I like it. One day for everybody to put up or shut up. As for the blog followers, we can of course still take the entire week to process all the info.

  6. Martin R. April 17, 2013

    I’m gonna swim against the current here. I don’t think a week is too much. Sure, there is always going to be repetitions for the Master Woodworkers. But what about the beginners?

    In addition, it a great time to share stories about safety such as you Marc who discovered what the word “tired” means with the arrival of Mateo and how it affected you in the shop. You noticed how you hurt yourself a lot more (small nicks here and there). When you think about it, your experience might save somebody’s finger or else.

    Speaking of experience, there is one story that I’d like to share. When I was just starting and taking a woodworking class, we had a project to build. As I live in Canada, it’s pretty cold in the winter. As we probably all do, I was not wearing my best clothes; I’m talking worn out jeans and long sleeves T-shirt that had an elastic wrist band. The elastic was very tired and was not holding much. To be safe, I rolled up my sleeves and tucked them up.

    Well, as I was face jointing a board, the right sleeve simply unrolled and was just hanging behind the board and dragged on the bed without me noticing it. I was concentrating on the job I was doing as this was one of my first time on a jointer. Well, guess what, the sleeve got cut in the cutter head and there was a weird noise… Thank God I was lucky. The only thing that happen was an instant short sleeve and my hand remained on the board. I was not hurt (except for my pride but that was ok). I can tell you one thing, I’m no longer wearing long sleeves. I turn up the heat.

    Thanks for reading through my story.

  7. Scott Ronsse April 17, 2013

    Safety Day; Week; Lifetime…. its all good!!

  8. It will defiantly make blogging easer. Although I’m new to blogging, I was planing to do something on the website for safety week.( check it out the website at http://www.woodscommunity.com) There’s also the woodworker’s calendar I’ll have to change.

  9. eric April 19, 2013

    Being safe one day a year is far more convenient than being safe for an entire week. Thanks for the extra vacation days. :)

  10. Duckkisser April 19, 2013

    first of all marc I have to say I love the safety week. I think we all need to go back and replenish our shop practices, even the master can make the same mistakes that a beginner makes. I as a teacher have been using your videos for part of my safety and intro to tool use for the last 2 years. People might be complaining about once a year but I have to live and explain this 4 times a year and it has helped me considerably. every quarter your videos remind me to be aware of my suroundings and my kids.
    most members of this group are answerable to only themselves so if they get hurt theyhave to live with only the damage to themselves. I on the other hand am responsible for 30-40 kids a day and if they get hurt I have to live with the fact that it’s my fault. And after every 9 weeks or so I review shop safety. I am proud to say I have all my fingers and none of my kids have had any serious accidents.

    I should explain what types of students I have. Most of my students have severe behavior problems as well as being ADHD, compulsive disorders, schizophrenic, bipolar, multi personalities, abuse flashbacks, severe anger management ect……. So many of you can now understand how serous I take safety so I feel that a week is not too much to remind ourselves to take care of ourselves because often it will end up saving a great deal of hardship for our loved ones.

    Granted I think it would be very difficult to create a new item of safety each day of the week especialy after 5 years but reposting old videos of safety reminds each of us to rethink how we can get hurt on a machine or how we can avoid getting hurt.

    The one tool that I think is lacking in safety awareness is the lathe. Marc I for one would like to have a safety video for lathe work and the risks involved. And considering how well your videos are and how well a host you are I think you would provide a great teacher on lathe safety.

    keep on trucken

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