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You may have already heard through the grapevine or perhaps you noticed the new logo in the Sponsor’s Box at the top of the page: Clear Vue Cyclones is now a sponsor of The Wood Whisperer! Welcome to the family Clear Vue!

As part of our agreement, they will be offering exclusive discounts to yearly Guild members throughout the year. The first discount is a real doozie too! In fact, if you are in the market for a new cyclone, this discount could easily pay for the cost of a Superfan Membership! Here’s the skinny:

Until Monday September 24th 2012, you can get 10% off your entire order as well as free shipping* at

If you are in the market for a cyclone, this one is a no-brainer! Sign up for one of our yearly memberships (Standard or Superfan), and you’ll get access to not only this discount, but others as well from folks like,, Laguna Tools, and more!

Sign up today!

*A shipping discount will be applied to customers outside the continental US.


  1. John Fitz September 21, 2012

    Wow. What a great sponsor to have on board.

    Now I need to seriously reconsider my priorities for my soon-to-be-reassembled shop. We are almost done with our house renovation so I’ve been spending a little time thinking about my shop layout. I have a great little ‘nook’ that is perfect for a DC – out of the traffic flow but still somewhat centrally located. I was planning on putting my 50-760 there but a small cyclone would be oh so sweeeeeet……..

  2. Patrick Schupbach September 21, 2012

    Awesome sponsorship…. You have done well for yourself!!!!

  3. Brian September 21, 2012

    Wow, that’s amazing. If only I could convince my wife that I need one. and have a space big enough for one…. you don’t think I could put this thing out in the alley?

  4. Joel September 21, 2012

    If only i had a shop, than i would need a dust collector.

  5. Paul jordan September 22, 2012

    how can they make such an outstanding large unit and such a sucky small one?

  6. Bob September 22, 2012

    This seems to be a very good product. Plenty of power and good engineering. The instalation of cyclone cools me a little. There are many steps and it seems that efficiency is dependent on the quality of the instalation and it rests entirely on the shoulders of the client. I wish the manufacturer had assembled and sealed some critical parts at the factory. It is Clear that this is a real good product, but the installation process could be improved for the customer.

  7. Sean O September 22, 2012

    The History of the clearvue company is very interesting. I have read about the owner and his mission and purpose for creating a quality dust collection unit seems absolutely genuine. In reading a lot of the research around dust collection, ( it can be found on the clearvue site) there seems to be a lot of veiled statements and misrepresentation of products by there manufacturers. Clearvue seems to put it all on the table and they definitely have an excellent reputation. Sadly I dont have any 220 outlets in my garage. I run my table saw off of the dryer outlet. I am looking at units with less hp that run off of 120 so I can actually run the dust collection at the same time as my table saw. Anyone have recommendations for dust collection options running off of 120 volts?

  8. Nick September 25, 2012

    Sean, I had the same problem. Rikon makes a 2 hp unit that runs on 110 and does a good job and is reasonablly priced. And does even better with a preseporator .

  9. Bob September 25, 2012

    Sean O., I have the Generals Internationals 1-1/2 hp dust collector. Works great. They have a wide range of choices.

  10. bob overcash October 8, 2012

    have you seen the manafold set up in fine ww this month? if so what do you think? thinks Bobo

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