September Giveaway

We have some awesome stuff to giveaway this month & with our new giveaway system you have multiple ways to enter!

Learn more about each prize & enter on our Giveaway page.

You have until the end of the month to enter. Due to shipping restrictions only US & Canada are eligible for September’s Giveaway. Are you a company looking to participate in the giveaway? Contact Us!

system2_largeThe Jackclamp System! This heavy-duty clamping system is capable of clamping your projects securely while also offering incredible jacking functionality. Can’t wait to see if you’ve won? Get 25% OFF all orders of $100 or more at! Use code WOOD25
Winner: Chris

MICRODIAL Tapering Jig
& MicroJig T-Shirt! The PRECISION, SAFETY, and CONTROL of the MICRODIAL Tapering Jig advances your woodworking with ease. Cut tapers with surgical precision using the intuitive COLORMATCH system. Enjoy hassle-free adjustments between repeat cuts with built-in MEMORYLOCK technology.
Winner: Will S.

Festool OF1010 Router
!. The ergonomics and precision features of the OF 1010 EQ deliver a host of benefits which add up to an unbeatable tool. One-handed operation allows you to switch it on and off, plunge, cut and release with ease. The compact design and the efficient center of gravity make this tool extremely maneuverable. Winner: Dennis H.


  1. andrew woltjer September 6, 2013

    looks like good choices of tools for the contest! enter me into the drawing please!

  2. Ranny Reynolds September 6, 2013

    Looking great

  3. Jake September 6, 2013

    No entry for following TWW on G+ :(

  4. Jeff Frye September 7, 2013

    Nothing better than Festool tools. Also, I really love to see the projects members make. It always amazes me how talented woodworkers are.

  5. Bob September 9, 2013

    Well, I guss I am SOL on this giveaway since I don’t do Facebook or Twitter and have no plans to participate in this form of “social media” in the future. Still am a Guild member and enjoy TWW though. Keep up the good work.


      That’s not true Bob. You can use your email to enter by signing up for the newsletters. Obviously if you don’t want to use social media sites you can’t get all the extra entries but you certainly aren’t SOL.

      • Bob September 9, 2013

        Thanks for the clarification Marc. Just a geezer that already has enough digital info at work and at home.

      • David McWilliam September 13, 2013

        He may not be totally SOL, but with a 1:9 entry disadvantage his (and my) odds are certainly slim. I’m not a guild member yet, but I’m working on it. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media on the other hand I’m trying very hard to avoid.


          Hey David. Certainly can’t begrudge someone for not playing in social media. I have a love/hate relationship with it. But ultimately, this new system is the reason we are able to offer such high quality items. I wrote a little something up to clarify the situation since a few others have also expressed concern about the apparent disadvantage. Please don’t feel this is directed at you specifically. I was working on this post when your comment came in. :)

        • David McWilliam September 13, 2013

          Thanks Marc. I just thought it could use a little clarification that entering by email was not the same, or at least not equivalent to using all of the social media entries. I understand where you and your sponsors are coming from, I’m just a bit leery of the value of social media for those sponsors versus the risk. Particularly in the short attention span world of Twitter where positive posts are soon forgotten and ill timed or poorly thought out posts can do huge damage to your reputation. None of that stopped me from using my email address, and 1 in 1000 (or even 1 in 10000) is better than the odds of me being able to afford festool any time soon. Besides, the contest isn’t why we’re here anyway.

  6. Just becoming a festool junkie – this would be a great addition to the family!!!

  7. Hans September 13, 2013

    I’ve been dreaming about a 1010 for ages

  8. AndyMB September 13, 2013

    I’ve been reading review after review about the Festool lineup and watching your reviews as well, Marc, and I’m just itching to add one of their tools to my shop one day~!

  9. Patrick Schupbach September 13, 2013

    Sweet giveaway…. Festool routers are stuff dreams are made of………

  10. Scott Kaye September 14, 2013

    Wow… So many negative opinions on the new giveaway system. Its for our benefit People! More quality Prizes!! Three this month alone! Good job Marc and gang. I have no problems with it


  11. Greg September 14, 2013

    Great giveaways. I never win anything and was so very pleased and surprised to have won the 1400.
    I must admit some of my wood working friends were surprised and happy for me.

    Keep up the great work Marc and thanks for all you do.

    So happy to hear your son is all right.

  12. BEN DAIGLE September 27, 2013


  13. Bas September 27, 2013

    16437 entrees… please people stop entering… it reduces MY chances.

  14. Paul Lemieux September 27, 2013

    Nice toys!

  15. Steve Denman September 27, 2013

    Any of these tools would be a nice addition to my limited shop.

  16. Alan huse September 27, 2013

    very nice tools

  17. Egidijus September 30, 2013

    I want THIS!!!

  18. Jeffrey October 4, 2013

    I never win anything but man do I hope my luck changes with this router. I even created a twitter account to increase my odds!

  19. james October 12, 2013

    who were the winners or has it being posted yet? cant seem to find it folks


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