David Marks is BACK!!!

A big thank you to the folks in the chat room who brought this to my attention. It looks like The Man, The Myth, The Legend, David Marks himself is throwing his hat into the online video world! Ok, pick your jaws up! David has begun posting videos on Youtube for all of our enjoyment. For Woodworks fans and David Marks fans in general, this is quite a treat. So relax and enjoy the show!


  1. InsideBevel May 15, 2008

    Thanks for the info :-)
    Hope he posts more videos, he always has something interesting to show.

  2. Ron Edwards May 15, 2008

    With both videos posted it sounds like babble! Sound is going on both.

  3. Rob May 15, 2008

    I wish I could see these from the Cubicle of Woe. I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home. I’m confused though. Is the DIY show no longer running new seasons?

  4. Kyle May 15, 2008

    wheres his other shop?

  5. This is certainly great news. Did he consult you on how to make great videos?? LOL Thanks for the info Marc!

  6. I have since one of them where he is making what looks to be a huge wall medallion. The sound isn’t TV quality that is for sure and it is strange seeing him work outside his barn-like workshop. Good thing is that his sleeves are rolled up and he is a little more real. I have only seen the one though…..going to look for others.


  7. Rob, I think 2005 was the last year that they produced the WoodWorks show.


  8. Sorry, but these were more of an advertising teaser for the school and website to me.
    I always liked his shows on HGTV (could’nt get DIY)
    but as far as youtube type vidieos I think Mark’s episodes has this one beat all to hell.

  9. What’s odd is if you look at his site’s gallery, the medallion he’s making in the video is this one (http://www.djmarks.com/photo.a.....o/time.jpg) dated 1996. Maybe he filmed this long ago and is just now putting it up? Don’t remember what the dude looked like in Marc’s interview video. Maybe this also explains Kyle’s comment about his shop lookin’ different.

  10. Germain May 15, 2008

    I saw those two videos when they were first posted on djmarks.com awhile back. I sure wish he’d post more. David has expanded his “horse stable” shop since doing the Woodworks show. I think those videos were taped in the expanded area.

    FYI, you can download season 7 of Woodworks on Amazon.com for $1.99 per episode. The quality is quite good. Again, I sure wish they’d post more. C’mon, let’s get seasons 1-6!


    Hey guys. This video is very recent. I can’t remember exactly when, but David added on to his shop no more than 2 years ago. They did this to accommodate the new school. It is new construction so it looks like a modern room. His shop from the TV show is still intact and is attached. David has made numerous wall sculptures that are variations on a similar theme. So its not surprising that he happens to be making another one.

    Regardless of his intent or motivation, I am just glad to see some new content from him.

  12. Is he finally past the contract with DIY. Sylvia recently took a class with Kate Potter of “Namaste Yoga” from Fit TV. Her contract amounted to owning everything she put out for the next , I think, three years. Basically, indentured servitude. Slimy bastards! You can edit me on that if you’d like, Marc.

  13. jim_ny (http://) May 16, 2008

    I’m just glad to see something new I like the way he works a little out of the box hopfully there’s more to fallow

  14. Bob...Las Vegas May 16, 2008

    David…thank you for sharing. It was a pleasure meeting you at the AWFS last July in Las Vegas…Bob

  15. Matt Worner May 20, 2008


    I think you should send Nichole up there to teach his camera person how to get audio without the echo. To my geriatric helicopter ears it sounds like spoken sanscrit. Eesh!

  16. Ian Webster May 21, 2008

    “Her contract amounted to owning everything she put out for the next , I think, three years. Basically, indentured servitude. Slimy bastards!”

    While I understand your point – If it wasn’t for the DIY Channel many people, myself included, would never have even heard of David Marks and, therefore, never been inspired by him to get in to woodworking. I’m sure that David isn’t complaining about the 3 year commitment compared to the recognition re received as a result of the exposure on the TV.

  17. tim August 24, 2009

    David Marks…thanks for sharing. i hope you know how much you have inspired the human race.

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