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Christmas In July Sale!

wood whisperer shirtThe weather’s cooling off and soon blankets of white will coat sidewalks like icing. The crispness of the cold air as the wind picks up and the first specks of snow start to fall. They melt as they kiss the ground….AND THEN I WOKE UP!!!! What the H-E double hockey sticks am I talking about…this 110+ degree weather has obviously fried my brain. Well, I can only dream…and speaking of dreams—have you been dreaming of a new Wood Whisperer T-Shirt, or an awesome Woodworking DVD, or maybe even a Wood Whisperer Cap? Well then mark your calendars, because for one day and one day only, everything* in TWW Store will be 20% off!

Be sure to check out the sale on Tuesday, July 8th and treat yourself to something nice. We’ll be looking for you. Oh and I almost forgot—With a minimum purchase of $10 you will receive a FREE Best of the Guild 2009 DVD ($49.99 Value) while supply lasts, just because it’s Christmas In July at The Wood Whisperer Store!

Take advantage to shop during this sale before our Store closes for vacation and maintenance on July 15th!

*Guild memberships and gift certificates are not included in the sale. Sale does not combine with other discounts.

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