A Guest Appearance on the HandyGuys Podcast

I was honored to be invited by Brian and Paul to call in on their 100th episode. The HandyGuys Podcast is a two-man format show, much like Wood Talk Online. And if you are a DIY type, you really should check out their program. Each show is loaded with tips and helpful information for general DIY topics. Check it out!


  1. Joe Corda February 19, 2010

    Nice interview Marc!

  2. Bill Akins February 19, 2010

    Cool interview Marc. I’ll have to check out those guys more often.

  3. markwilliams75@live.com February 20, 2010

    That was cool! I can’t wait to see more video. The quality of most DIY web video is inconsistent at best. So much is possible with this medium, look at your stuff it’s more entertaining then any wood working tv shows! I also learn way more! The interactive part is key to that so I am looking forward to those guys blowing up!

  4. Dean February 20, 2010

    Thanks for introducing us to the HandyGuys Podcast Marc! I enjoyed listening to episode 100, especially the mystery guest phone call they got. :)

  5. A video with all of you would be cool.

  6. Danny February 23, 2010

    Sounds like you guys are all experts…made for a great show.

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